Ashley's Zelda Kennel

Hello I am Ashley. As you can probably tell from some minor details on my page, I am a Zelda fan. I also like anime, manga, and lots of other things. Hmmm this is allot harder than I thought. I am also an Animal Science major in college and have a mix breed small dog named fluffy. In my game, I breed all breeds of dogs. I don't discriminate other than if I think that they are cute or not. I also don't breed dogs until they are 85, so I usually only buy older dogs. All of the puppies that I have bred and decided to keep have the Zelda prefix in front of their name. Also if I buy your dog and don't believe that it's something I will remember, I will change the name to something I deem worthy. Overall all of my dogs have a great time here and are retired at 101 days, soooo that's about it.

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01:16pm on Jun 12

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