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Welcome to the Super Cove! This is a guild for Art, Roleplay, Contests and more! We have roleplays! Sometimes we host random contests! So come and join the fun! Be part of the guild!


Our mascot here is Cookie! Featured art of her:

One of our most popular RPs is World of Wolves RP. There are two sides, Lightstance and DarkFlow. Lightstance wants the world to be nice and friendly, while DarkFlow wants it to be dark and deadly. The wolves that live here a in for a epic battle between the two, and there can only be one side that will win. How the battle goes lies upon the decisions you make.

Now you've seen what goes on in the guild... You should consider join in!

Thought about it? Want to join? Click here! It's lots of fun!

Don't wait!

Game Time

04:12pm on Nov 30

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