Ember to Inferno

"You look at me but you don't see; Understand I'm a sinner
Don't corner me, don't lecture me; Raise your hands, you're a sinner"


Twenties | Male | Gay
I go by Dinonoises(or Dinonoises_)most internet places.
If I say something stupid; don't worry, it's normal and I'm sorry in advance.
Terrible coder. Okay video editor. Halfway decent artist. Coffee Addict.
Random friend requests/messages are okay with me.
Deadpool and Thor are my two favourite characters.
Music is my passion. Concerts are my home.
I often make fun of myself. Corny jokes are my life.
When I'm not torturing myself trying to learn a dance,
I can be found messing around on one of my instruments, drawing,
telling stupid jokes, watching my bugs, petting my cat,
or playing a game. Probably The Division or Watch Dogs.
Usually busy but I try to be here. At least for my pixel pups.

Places you can find me
DeviantArt | Flight Rising | Toyhouse | Artfight

Dog Studs
Please do not send a breeding request if you are just going to cancel it.
Getting pointless notifications can be annoying. If you have any questions, you are more than welcome to ask. I always respond in a timely manner.
--I will only decline a breeding request if your female has been bred more than 3 times.
4 times is a little iffy but any more than that is a definite no.
--Males will be up for requests at age 100.
--Females won't be up for requests unless
it's a breed I don't intend to work with any longer.
--My dogs will be unlocked as soon as I accept the request.
You have until 11pm(FP Time) the following day to complete the request, unless we've made other arrangements.

Buying Dogs
Please don't ask me if you can do this or that with the dogs you buy from me.
They are your dogs now and you can do whatever you want with them.

Commissions: Ask! | Trades: Ask! | Requests: Closed

To do:

Free to do:
Waiting on:



Can I buy a [dog breed] from you?
If it's not already for sale, no.

Do you take commissions?
Yes. My commissions are always open.
Send me a pm if you are honestly interested.

Can we be friends?
I accept all friend requests.
If you want to be actual friends, talk to me.

Can you give me money?
No. But there are guides to help you out.

Will you buy [dog breed] from me?

Do you need a kennel hand?

What's your favourite animal?
Snow Leopard.

What's your favourite colour?

"I do that as well. I lick my own feet too and need to be told to stop sometimes."-Matt Heafy

Game Time

10:40am on Jun 14

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