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Welcome to my kennel!My name's Jen,I'm 29,enjoy life,and female lol.I have 2dogs,a cat,a parrot,and a husband which all need my care lol.I enjoy life and try to make everyday better then the one before.I believe that there's many important things in life family,friends,trust,joy,being kind to each other,even material things but what's the most important thing that is the true question.The answer is not a thing or a what the answer is if you can look in the mirror and ask yourself am I truly and say yes not 99.9% yes but a 100%without a doubt no questions asked yes.You can be happy,joyful,glad,proud,enjoy life,even negotiate feelings which are healthy believe it or not hurt,angry,anger,upset,ect and still be truly happy.We all have doubts in life times that we just want to away from the world and alone which is fine and that will pass and if we evaluate our lives overall and take a deep look at it and ask ourselves are we happy can we say yes and having everything we want or need does not mean we're happy alot of rich kids have everything under the sun but alot of them aren't happy so things does not equal happiness.When I was 22 I lost my dog,grandpa,was thinking of dropping out of college,and lost my only vehicle at the time that was a tough year and I questioned alot of things in life and and took a long hard look at my life and looked at it all VERY long and closely and I looked in the mirror and said am I truly happy?And I felt a warm glow feeling and I realized it was my grandpa and dog next to me and my cars just a thing which could be replaced and I reminded myself of all the good things in life and the joy I felt in that moment made my realize that I'm truly happy.So I will say it one more time.If you can look in the mirror and ask yourself am I truly happy and say 100% without a doubt yes then there's nothing more important in life NOTHING and if the answer is no that's fine as well jusy make the most of everyday.Now abit about me.I enjoy music of all kinds,I have a karaoke machine and love to have people over to jam out,I skydive,bungee jump,mountain climb,play video games,meditate,dance,love animalsof all kind,ect.My main job is a professional Psychiatrist.I love to learn about everything and anything I can I even love woodworking.As for sports I support the Chicago Cubs,La Kings,and the Philadelphia Eagles which my hubby hates since he likes the Cowboys which is why I picked the Eagles just to have alittle fun with him but became a true fan and I'm trying to break him of that but he doesn't take to the news paper across the head lol.If you have any other questions don't be afraid to ask.I also believe heavily in god,the USA,and I'm Republican Trump 4 more years. ^^

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05:48pm on Dec 4

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