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About Me:

I love this brand of stuffed animals called Webkinz. I give each of them a name, a story, and a personality; making each one of them different and special. They are a lot more like characters that you see on websites than toys. I take videos and pictures and act out stories with them. There is a whole community on Youtube and Instagram that does the same thing. I currently have around 300 Webkinz and around 100 other stuffed animals. (I also have 80 Beanie Babies but thankfully they don't take up a lot of room.) Here are some pictures of my favorite Webkinz.
ro8r23c.jpg ro8r23c.jpg
ro8r23c.jpg ro8r23c.jpg

My favorite hobbies are photography, drawing, and writing; all three I hope to improve and someday be very good at.
My goal is to be an author and illustrate my own books.

My Kennel

This is a work in progress! My goal is to breed a lot of high quality dogs with rare colours, and then give them to other players so they can enjoy the rare colours, too. If you want to breed a dog I have up for breeding requests, and keep two puppies, message me!

My Finnish Lapphunds have been moved to my second account to make more room.

(411) Border Collie

(88) Alaskan Husky

(44) Australian Shepherd

(41) Papillon
Bronze Progenitor reached 1/13/20! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Thank you ~QABK~ for giving me one year of Elite!!

My dogs

This is a work in progress!

Game Time

02:46pm on Oct 21

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