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Hi!I’m Jessica the owner of Doggies Playground!My prefix is ~J~and I’m a friendly person who accepts friend request from anyone.I’m usually online everyday(except weekends).I’m 13 year old this year and is currently attending secondary school here in Singapore.I’m also 12 hours ahead of FP time.So do not expect me to be online at some time of the day.My hobbies are gaming and reading!I also allow boarding dogs at my kennel at a price of $1fpd a day if they are untrained and $300 fpd a day if they are trained.Please buy my dogs that are labelled for sale and all money collected goes to my clinic!I also take in rescue dogs that are below the price of 500fpd and below 90 years of age.

Do also check out my shop Doggies Delight and also my clinic Doggies Clinic and all donations are welcomed!:)

Game Time

08:30pm on Apr 2

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