RED JAW PIT BULLS: Kenito is the founder of Red Jaw PIT bulls. I have bred this bloodline since 2015. I have almost every color of Pitbull possible in Red Jaw Pit Bulls and have bred many genrations of these dogs. Full Red Jaws are almost never sold. Half Red Jaws are occassionally availabull. I have hundreds of Red Jaw dogs. We don't stud these dogs out often if at all unless to other Red Jaw breeders. Message me about any of my dogs and we can work something out breeding or sale wise. DDPits: This is my very own pit bull bloodline to which I am focusing on high multipliers. This line will be tightly bred, but high caliber dogs nonetheless. CNSQS is the prefix that covers over my shepherd and german shorthair projects. I am focused on breeding black german shorthair pointers and offer cheap studdings!

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