Grelisdohgn Hond-Wunnen

ANNOUNCEMENTS: OK so yeah, there was a family emergency and we had to move. We rent a house, and the landlord SOLD THE HOUSE WHILE WE WERE IN IT AND DIDN'T TELL US UNTIL IT WAS SOLD. We only found out when he came up to us one day and said:"Oh and by the way, you have 60 days to move out because this house has been sold, so go find a box and a hat and claim a street corner!" Well, he didn't exactly say it like that, but he honestly might as well have. My parents made the executive decision to actually BUY a house instead of RENT one, and so yeah. On day 58 we signed the papers and started packing up, and on day 60 we left to our new house! So yeah, I'll probably be on again every once in a while...see y'all around!

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11:12am on Jun 14

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