Aozora Inu


Aozora Inu means Blue Sky and dog in Japanese and is from the Japanese proverb Sunda sora kara raimei (a thunderclap from a clear sky) basically something out the blue.

I breed a variety of different breeds, This is mainly because I like to have variety and I like to work with breeds that are not very active or have low retired levels. This is mainly because I prefer to work outside the "norm" and have breeds that are a little different. Except for sight hounds I just love them. All my dogs are private and therefore will not be made available to the public at any point.

Sight Hounds
Afghan Hounds


Giant Schnauzer
Airedale Terrier

Best of breed
Best of sport
24HH in all breeds
Brindle Afghan hounds in High Quality
lala in all breeds


I'm a 20 year old female. I live in Australia so I probably have a really funny accent (no I don't live in the bush). At the moment I am studying Digital Art and Fine Art at university I also am a full time dog groomer. I own a schnauzer cross Poodle named Lucy, and a cat (who things he king). I also speak 3 languages English, German, and Japanese.

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12:08pm on Jul 25

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