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Hello and Welcome to my kennel. I am very pleased in you to come and read my Description but im telling you now its going to be very short description! Ok so i am a dog breeder that will once in a while sell my dogs. i have a kennel that i just started up for selling dogs at the price between the range of 5,000~6,000 like the reagular price of dogs and they are breed mostly by me. if private i am planning on giving it to a friend that wants it. just to say~CATS RULE!!!!!!! just send me a message if you want a certain breed of dogs and i will get it 4 you and sell it 4 $1000~ :3 I will be reserving puppies for $1000 and my name is now chaos cuz I use that as a name for my 'call name'. more about me ~kittens r bae! I have a cat n he is awesome. safari tigers are my fav! cats rule! but dogs are not left out!:3 ~I am very great-full you have read up to here!!!~ web page hit counters codes Free
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