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Welcome to my kennel! I run shows in Schutzhound (Intelligence), Tracking (Speed), Agility (Speed), Herding (Agility), Water Work (Strength), Show (Charisma), Obedience (Agility) Pulling (Stamina) and Earth Trials (Intelligence). Besides running shows, I'm also focusing on breeding 24HH dogs. I've been successful with my Border Collie's "Oreo" and "Red Velvet"! Highest level reached on Gene Genie: 185 (2/23/2015)

Meaning behind the names of my dog's:
GSD: German names
Border Collie: Food/Drink that goes best with coat color
Golden Retriever: U.S. States, shortened
Bichon Frise: Disney Princesses/Princes
Icelandic Sheepdog: How to Train your Dragon
Shetland Sheepdog: How to Kill a Mockingbird
Belgian Tervuren: Greek Mythology
Welsh Terriers: Mostly related to the Tudors, may change to British Monarchy
Dalmatian: 101 Dalmatian characters or variant of "Spot"
Standard Poodle: Names that start with "F"
Rough Collie: Whatever strikes my fancy
Italian Greyhound: Names that are a variant of "Fast"
Beagle: Based on cheese (in real life I had a beagle nicknamed "Cheddar")
Chesapeake Bay Retriever: Harry Potter
Dutch Smoushond: The Simpsons

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