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Adèle is an 18-year-old English student in her first year of college. Upon graduation, she intends to enter the publishing/editing business or pursue a career in journalism. She lives in the Midwest with her kitty, Mister, and betta fish, Rosie. She also has a daughter, Elisabeth Rose, who lives in Heaven instead of on Earth with her. A self-professed Francophile, she also enjoys reading, writing, warm weather, blankets, and pretty things.
. about fleur de lys
Fleur de Lys was established as a private kennel in September of 2014, specializing in German Shepherd Dogs ("Rose Lines") and Rough Collies ("Daffodil Lines"). I strive to produce high quality dogs; to uphold this standard, I maintain strict policies regarding my kennel. As a private kennel, dogs will not be sold or studded to the public at this point in time and dogs will only be bred once, at the age of 100 days. I regularly welcome quality dogs from outside kennels to enhance my lines. If you you have a sales listing I might be interested in, please message me.
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