Liz's kennel

Welcome and enjoy my kennel!:) You can be my friend if you need help or need anything just message me! INFO ABOUT ME - my hair is brown and my eyes are brown too - I am very very short tempered or like I said I have a bad temper - I love to watch drop dead diva - I am very friendly once you get to know me - I like cats and dogs both are cute - I just got 2 bulldog puppies for christmas - and yes I do live in America - people call me a nerd because I wear glasses - I am trying to be a doctor - my favorite color is blue - I am in need of money for my dogs all the money I get goes to my dogs - I don't drink or smoke so I am very healthy - I have allergies and Precordial catch syndrome - I am very happy

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01:06am on Apr 2

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