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Hey! My real name is Echo Joy (birth certificate and everything!) and I'm 14 years old. I played the old version of furry paws when I was younger and have now returned! *fanfare* My goal is to be everyones friend so message me! I maybe probably won't possibly bite! I'll update this spot often as I can, k? Love you all! ~ I have officialy been turned into a warriors RP adict and you should join my guild! My cats (in the guild) are Starleap, Forestpaw and Pheonixpaw. Message me if you want to buy or breed and they're not already up for it. I'll do my best to work it out! I love you all! ;3 I'm starting to specialize in red with isabella saddle and mask dogs, so if thats what you're looking for, message me! My cats Phoenixpaw and Forestpaw are now Phoenixfeather and Forestheart! There is also a litter of kits I now have with the names of Skykit Sunkit Brightkit and Lightningkit! Yay kits!!! Okay, a lot has happened on the RP. I got a tom named Thunderheart, who became mates with Starleap. They had a litter of kits named Falconkit, Phoenixkit, Shadowkit, and Silentkit. All of my kits became apprentices, so now I have Skypaw, Sunpaw, Brightpaw, Lightningpaw, Falconpaw, Phoenixpaw, Shadowpaw, and Silentpaw. I also have a warrior named Venomfang in Shadeclan, and an apprentice named Deadpaw in the same. Another warrior, Bloodpool, is my Marshclan cat, while Ravenclaw is in Breezeclan. Currently, I have four rogues that interact with the clans a lot. Those are Frostfire, Shadestep, Badgerstripe, and Blackheart. The apprentices are all becoming warriors soon, and Frostfire has a litter coming. He is very proud!

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11:46pm on Dec 8

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