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Welcome to Homestead Kennels! I am back with you all after a VERY long account locking... All of my kennel info is bound to change as I become acquainted with the 'curve' of the new Furry-Paws. (My account has been locked for at least 5 years, and my previous consistent playing dates back to Beta days) Please bear with me as I regain my footing on the new site :)


Double Training - $750/dog

I offer Double Training for dogs, to players who are not equipped to do so themselves. Cost is $750FPD (the training cost, of $500 FPD plus a small service fee) per dog. I must receive payment prior to any dog being transferred to my account so that I have the training fee available. I will complete the Double Training (of the second skill only), in the skill of your choosing, within 24 hours, and then we will transfer the animal back to you. Easy Peasy! All dogs must already be trained in their first sport/skill. Otherwise, there will be an additional $500 cost, in order to train in two sports total.

Daily Training - $200/session

I also offer Daily training services, as I have an Elite account, and can train the dog in their sport without costing them any energy. This does allow non-elite dog owners to then use the maximum amount of their dogs energy on entering competitions to improve their levels, and hopefully earn entry winnings. Cost is $200/per training session (maximum of 2 sessions per dog, per day). This includes the cost of training, as well as my service fee. Payment to me must be made prior to the animal being transferred.

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08:05pm on Mar 1

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