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Hello! This is Foggy Mountain Ranch! ----Specialized Breeds---- Australian Shepherds- Breeding for quality, not quantity. All male and female dogs that have faults are sold for $1000-$1700. If you are interested in using a dog for breeding, please notify me immediately. I only accept fully "Excellent" breeding requests in order to pass on only the best genes. I am aware that there are already many Aussies in the game, but I've been a fan of them for years.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Border Collies- Once again, quality, not quantity. Bred for the best colors and genes. All male and female dogs that have faults are sold for $850-$1550. Any owners willing to sire a litter of mine are greatly appreciated. Raising champions is my goal.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Flock Guardians and Draught: Adding on to my kennel and starting to breed some "Excellent" Newfoundlands, Tibbies and hopefully Bernese Mountain dogs! This is a new project and will definitely take a lot of effort, so any help is greatly appreciated!!-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------GSDs and Rotties- Rare colour combinations and excellent genetic makeup are the goal for German Shepherd Dogs. Seeing that Rotties have very few colours compared to other breeds, the point of this breeding program is to ensure the EEEE perfect health standard and have good points in their respective sport.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BOARDING: A new concept! Email me if you need someone to train your dog and enter him/her in competitions! Dogs will be taken care of every day until agreed-upon date, settled in the email. The cost will also be discussed in the email and payment is expected after boarding. Thanks! I've Got Quality German Shepherd Dogs on Furry-Paws.comI've Got Quality Border Collies on Furry-Paws.comI've Got Quality Australian Shepherds on Furry-Paws.comI've Got Quality Tibetan Mastiffs on Furry-Paws.comI've Got Quality Newfoundlands on

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