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Side account to EchoStorm16 (#1435351, Pine Forest Kennel) I have a problem with buying dogs I will admit that. Main breeds are Belgian Malinois,and boxer other breeds included (such as Shelties and dobermans few others). Some of my Malinois are named after Twenty One Pilots songs, others movies or characters. I love T0P,Marvel and the Fallout games names will be inspired from them and others.

BreedingIf you see a male in my kennel PM me I may accept, I'll decline for genetics,age, or if I don't want them bred yet. Females will rarely be up for breeding. I am trying to breed at lvlings starting at 10 (hopefully) and 98(97) & 110(109) FP days

Buying If buying a pup please return if no longer wanted, if there is an issue with the dog you may get 1/3rd to 1/2 of the money back. Achievement pups do not have to be returned unless you want to or asked to in the notes. If you are buying a dog I had been lvling up (achievements) you can return if wanted or asked in notes.

Don't be afraid to ask about a dog in my kennel(To sell, breed, or other questions),I won't bite the worst that will happen is I'll say no. If you have a dog you'd like to sell to me sure I'll take a look. Achievement pups sure, bid for bid? sure as long as I have room because of my dog buying problem :p

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06:56pm on May 14

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