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I'm Jake, from Fitchburg, Massachusetts. I am 24 years old, already with a huge family. I've got an amazing girlfriend and a beautiful daughter, Tatyana who is 3 years old. I have a dog, Sasha, who is 11, a cat, Jam, who is 3 years old, another cat, Tibby, who is 4 years old, and two horses, a 5 year old colt named Hey Mister and a 8 year old mare named Allegiant Outlaw.


This kennel is dedicated to competing dogs and breeding our specialty breeds. Our specialty breeds are liable to change.


-The first project is breeding 24hh lala Borzois with rare colors.

-The second project is breeding 24HH lala silver Dalmatians with Amber eyes.

-The third project will be breeding 24HH lala Caucasian Ovtcharkas.

-The fourth project will be breeding 24HH lala Bearded Collies.

-The fifth project will be breeding 24HH lala West Siberian Laikas.


-Border Collie I've Got Quality Border Collies on
-Bearded Collie I've Got Quality Bearded Collies on
-Caucasian Ovtcharka I've Got Quality Caucasian Ovtcharkas on
-Dalmatian I've Got Quality Dalmatians on
-BorzoiI've Got Quality Borzois on


All male dogs (not for sale) in the kennel have a set stud price. Feel free to request breeding. If there is a male dog you would like to breed to whom is for sale, feel free to contact me and I can make an adjustment for you.


For my specialty breeds, I will only allow reservations for litters where I have not already picked a dog. For any other breeds, if you contact me requesting reservation, we can negotiate a price (minimum 2,500 fpd), and I will allow you reserve it.

SELLING (my dogs):

All the dogs you see for sale have a set price. However, if you message me, we can negotiate a price that may suit you better. Please be reasonable about it. I won't sell a 24HH dog for 5,000fpd.

SELLING (your dogs):

If you would like to sell a dog that you no longer want or can care for, message me. I will look into it. I will not buy dogs over $15,000.

Game Time

02:23pm on Jun 15

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