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Welcome to Bad Wolf Kennels! I am working on perfecting my lines on BCs and Shih Tzus. After I do so, I am hoping to work on other breeds as well as partner up with a pro pixel pup breeder :3

I've Got Quality Border Collies on

I currently specialize in Border Collies. Welll, sort of xD I am working on my lines, working on dogs one by one, as you can see in my kennel. Doing it slowly, counting every single pea in the pod. I'm trying to level them out first and age one of my males to 88 and then a female to 88 xD Very, very slow process.

I am doing the Giving Campaign My pledge is to cookie as much as I can, make an art freebie atleast once a week, and message kind words to random/new people.
This week I have done:
-A tag for .eddiam. to celebrate Roy Renegade's birthday
A cookie to KoinuPuppy who started the Campaign of Giving
A large art for .eddiam.
A tag for Alice_Berger
A cookie to Alice_Berger
A cookie to .eddiam.
A cookie to PBF
A tag for Bellevue.
A cookie to Bellevue
A < a href=>tag for Quickflicker
A tag for Olaf

I am also trying to sort out my kennel, all my before dogs are just rubbish xD So I'm seeing if any of them will sell out. My kennel is all in a jumble, so don't mind if you are a serious neat freak. I try haha

I also do digital art, my deviantArt can be found here. You can message me if you want to commission, which I highly doubt xD

There ya go guys, a little summary of my kennel and stuff. Yeah, have fun with the info~

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09:02pm on Mar 31

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