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ba weep graagnah weep ni ni bong

I'm SW. People call me Atlas, anteater, Atrox, Wave-wave, Becks and about a million other random nicknames for reasons that elude me.

I'm not too fussed about pronouns. No neoprounouns please I don't like those x_X

I draw a lot and I also like coding. You may ask, "Why didn't you code this page then?" Because I also like procrastinating and generally being a lazy disgrace to society. I love music and I'll listen to pretty much anything but I like alt-rock, hard rock, and ELO a lot. You can always shoot me a PM :)

I'm obsessed with Transformers, ARK, and sweet tea. Please help I'm going to go into cardiac arrest from all the iced tea I consume. I may or may not have a crush on Skeletor.

obligatory awesome people list: jupiter, trash, shadowlucky, Daphne, Røsa, Delta, four, alpine, Butterflythecollie, Cherryllama, Gavin, sixthsky, Malakai, you ;)
nobody likes me lol
I've Got Quality German Shepherd Dogs on
doo wah
dooby do do wah
doo wah do lang
blue days
black nights
doo wah do lang

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