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Whitefell's kennel is specializing in Swedish Vallhunds, Miniature Pinschers, Pembroke Welsh Corgis and Xoloitzcuintles.

Note about my litters:
If I have an unlocked litter without having picked the puppies from it yet, it does NOT mean I'm going to sell the puppies (I make my picks when the litter is 4 or 5 days old because I'm breeding for aptitudes and best possible stats.) Puppies up for bids will be marked for being up for bids.
Now on, if I get a message saying "I'll bid on these puppies" on an unlocked litter that doesn't have the puppies up for bids or otherwise stated to be up for sale, I'll block the player sending the message. Because, you know... That's simply annoying. You CAN always ask if I'd be willing to sell the puppies, but coming over like "yo Imma buy these puppies from your best dogs" isn't definitely something I'm going to deal with.

_ _ _ _

[x] 24HH ("White's Xtraordinary" born on March 3, 2013, generation 10 [White (#1078574) account])
[x] 24HH Cream with Blue grizzle ("Whitefell's Doctor Who" born on June 8th, 2013, generation 15)
[x] 24HH Blue ("Whitefell's SkyWorld" born November 12, 2013, gen 15)

[x] Best of Breed winning Vallhund ("Creamy Gift" December 22, 2012)
[x] Best of Sport winning Vallhund ("Whitefell's Devon Houdini" May 20, 2013 Flyball #1)
[x] First Place - Most Accomplished winning Vallhund ("Whitefell's Kellosammal" November 22, 2013)

[x] lvl 45 ("Whitefell's Xylitoli" March 28, 2013)
[x] lvl 50 ("Whitefell's Gallifrey" September 22, 2013)
[x] lvl 55 ("Whitefell's Karhunsammal" November 8, 2013)
(After lvl 63 cap was removed)
[x] lvl 60 ("Whitefell's Kirjokäki" February 13, 2014)
[x] lvl 70 ("Whitefell's Mango Khan" March 30, 2014 [first lvl 70 Vallhund in the game])
[x] lvl 80 ("Whitefell's Spaceboy" June 14, 2014 [first lvl 80 Vallhund])
[x] lvl 90
[x] lvl 100 ("Whitefell's Wrath" April 21st, 2017 [first lvl 100 Vallhund])

Finnish Lapphund:
[x] lvl 60
[x] lvl 70 ("Whitefell's Lumimyrsky" March 30, 2014 [first lvl 70 Lapphund in the game])
[x] lvl 80 ("whitefell's Hopeaa Voimaa" July 20, 2014 [first lvl 80 Lapphund])
[] lvl 90

Miniature Pinscher:
[x] 24HH Isabella with points (Isabella w Tan points, Gen12 "Whitefell's Fairly Unique" July 7, 2014)
[x] 24HH Blue with points (Blue with Tan points, Gen12 "Whitefell's I've Been Waiting" September 7, 2014)

[x] lvl 60
[x] lvl 70 ("Whitefell's Empyrea", June 2014)
[x] lvl 80 ("Whitefell's Ok Go", July 23, 2014)
[] lvl 90

Pembroke Welsh Corgi:
[x] lvl 60 ("Whitefell's Dragon Ran" February 2014)
[x] lvl 70
[x] lvl 80 ("Whitefell's Kya" June 4, 2014)
[x] lvl 90 ("Whitefell's Ghazan" April 17, 2015)

[x] lvl 90 ("Whitefell's Karvatonna, July 2017)

_ _ _ _
Other accounts:
White (#1078574) (Swedish Vallhunds)
Waittizon (#1085091) (Finnish Spitzs & Akita Inus)

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08:21pm on Feb 25

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