Energy (100)
Condition (100%)
Happiness (100%)
Grooming (100%)
Comfort (100%)
NT Puppy 2
Female German Shepherd Dog Owned by Stacy (#1447190)
level 1     agi 19     cha 15     int 26     spd 227     stm 21     str 27
Full Name:NT Puppy 2
What's this? Breed:German Shepherd Dog (Guardian)
Born On:January 17th, 2019
Days Aged:6 FP Days
Owner:Stacy (#1447190)
Bred By:Stacy (#1447190)
Color:Cream with Chocolate Saddle and Mask
Eye Color:Amber
What's this? Genotype:PP kk EmE bb Dd slsl asaasa SS mm rr tt cecw gg uu Lla stmspd spdspd HH Hh Hh Hh HH Hh Hh Hh Hh HH HH Hh HH Hh HH Hh Hh HH HH Hh HH HH HH HH
Aptitude:Schutzhund, Tracking, Herding, Scent Hurdles, Dock Diving
Times Bred:0 (Can be bred again in 6 days)
Boosters Used:0/5
Hips: Excellent   Elbows: Excellent   Eyes: Excellent   Ears: Excellent

Equipped Items

Water Bowl Purple Bowl Servings Left: 5
Food Bowl Purple Bowl Full
Collar None Equipped
Leash None Equipped
Bed Green Dog Bed +50 comfort
Chew Black Krong Chew +50 comfort, 0% break chance

Assigned Items

Assigned Toy Mischievous Personality Sturdy Squeaky Shark
Assigned Food Lacrima Health Formula+4 cha, 50% chance


None found.

Statistics and Experience

Agility 19
Charisma 15
Intelligence 26 Major Group Stat
Speed 227 Major Group Stat
Stamina 21 Major Group Stat
Strength 27 Major Group Stat
Indicates a major breed group stat.
Level 1
Multiplier: 1.502x Competition Experience
Overall Ranking: Unknown   Breed Ranking: Unknown


None found.

Sports and Training

Remaining Training Sessions: 0/2
intx2 spdx2 stmx2
Novice Tracking
Total Competitions: 0    Current Entries: 0
First Places0    Second Places0    Third Places0    Fourth Places0    Fifth Places0    Sixth Places0   
Winnings: $0    Experience: 0    Title In: 15 places
Overall Ranking: Unknown    Sport Ranking: Unknown
100% Training

Today's Competition Results

No results found.



SCT BUDDY M33 *1.658X 4SPD 630 X F11 U5 ID#4331073

Level 100

Isabella with Silver Points

ICT BUDDY F97 *1.635X 4SPD 635 X F10 U2 23H ID#4331661

Level 100

Blue with Silver Points

ICT BUDDY M72 *1.690X 4SPD 630 ID#4562379

Level 101

Isabella with Silver Points


WCT LOUIS ID#4409554

Level 62

Cream with Black Saddle and Mask

GCA EVE ID#4424527

Level 48

Fawn with Black Saddle and Mask

GCT RAY ID#4435898

Level 49

Fawn with Black Saddle and Mask


None found.

Current Litters

None found.

Previous Owners

Stacy (#1447190)Mar 29, 2019

Game Time

03:00pm on Jul 15

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