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Guardian Group President: Mango~ (#1581546)

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Please don't retire any Azores Cattle Dogs!!! Theres a contest
Prizes Are..
3 FPP (1st Place)
1,000,000 (2nd Place)
500,000 (3rd place)

The Cão de Fila de São Miguel (Azores Cattle Dog) bears the specific characteristic of being a medium-sized dog, which sets it apart from other cattle dogs, as on average it is much bigger. They are square-headed animals, with very strong jaws, expressive dark brown eyes, and well-developed musculature of the trunk and limbs. They walk with the typical characteristic of wadding slightly fringed in the anal region and buttocks. Their color encompasses the reddish-yellow, streaked, and the gray, also streaked, in both the dark and the light tonalities; it may also have white patches in the frontal region, chin, chest, and feet. The tail should be docked by the 2nd or 3rd vertebra. The ears are normally cut round. In 1427 the Azorean Islands were discovered. They were covered by lush vegetation that was hard to penetrate, but there were no mammals. The sailors of Prince Henry threw cattle in the maritime fringe of the islands. By 1439 there were abundant herds of domestic cattle in São Miguel. Raised free, the cattle grew wild. Therefore, a need for cattle dog, or fila dogs, came. The most important dog was the Fila da Terceira (now extinct) which was then bred with other molassesers to make the Cão de Fila de São Miguel. This dog became an indispensable element to cattle breeding, besides being an excellent guard of his master’s possessions and family.

Hello all I am the new President for Jan!! My name is Mango!! (Mango~ (#1581546) ) Check out my about page if you wish to know more abt me!!

Game Time

09:17pm on Jan 22

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