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Guardian Group President: Spike (#38625)

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Welcome To The Guardian Casso Header Image Hello and welcome to the Guardian Group! Thank you all for electing me. I do not dabble much in the Guardians via FP, but I am excited you entrusted this with me. I am Spike, This is my 3rd time being a casso president.

I will be honest with you, my goal is to make a layout for all the cassos haha. I just ask future casso presidents to keep it, I made it easy to navigate.

That being said, I love prizes. I love community. I am excited to give everyone a prize and to, I hope, reach the goal.

GOALS title

German Pinscher

to 2,111 Registrations
Current Registrations: 2,063
That means we are only 48 away from our goal!

If we hit the goal, The winner with the most registered German Pinschers will get 1 million FPD. That being said, If you rather me make you a layout like this for a post with photos, that is also probable. ;D

I want to reiterate something we are all tired of hearing: Please do not retire any GP's this month. Active dogs count, so please make sure they are level 5 and above, If you need help getting a dog to level 5, feel free to message me, Spike, at #38625.


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Game Time

07:37pm on Sep 24

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