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Guardian Group President: Hunter-Vote for Guardians Prez (#1566359)

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Hello everybody! I am Odie, the president of the Guardians casso for the month of May! I use this beautiful description perform with Manx permission. (Thanks again.)
Welcome to the Guardians Casso, the home to 24 beautiful, unique dog breeds seen here on FP. For this month, our goal is going to be to get the German Pinscher to 2.338 registered.
Current Registered: 2.360/2.338 GOAL MET !!!
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This project is not only about reaching the number goal for me. However I am not breeding this breed of Guardians, but I would like to take breeding seriously. That is why the rewards will be a little bit different. I hope you will like it.
I will pay 1.500 FPD for every registered (and linked) GPs.
If you register 10 dogs I will send you 70.000 FPD.
If you register 20 dogs I will send you 150.000 FPD.
If you register 50 dogs I will send you 500.000 FPD.

(If you register 82 dogs, I will send you the prise for 50+20+10+1+1.)

The breeder, who has the most GPs will get 1.000.000 FPD (all of your dogs count). Please make a kennel to your dogs, so I can check it easily at the end of the month.

The breeder, who has the highest experienced dog will get a Bold Spotted Pony.

And of course, here is the breed boost post
Please remember, you can't receive any prizes unless you post in the breed boost above that you have registered your pups ;)
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Game Time

11:12pm on Jun 24

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