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Guardian Group President: Naomie ~ Locked! Super busy! (#1423265)

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I'm so happy that I have a chance to help out in the FP Community! My name is Naomie, and I will be your July casso president!

I'm super excited to announce this month's breed boost, because mastiffs are truly the most gentle giants along canines. Please please lock all of your older mastiffs to prevent them from retiring!

OUR GOAL: 1,872/1,883 Registrations
-- Goal not met! PRIZES BELOW ;)


As you adopt register more and more mastiffs, you will enter each tier, where you will recieve a different prize!

1 Registered Mastiff = $1,000
5 Registered Mastiff = $6,000
10 Registered Mastiff = $14,000
15 Registered Mastiff = $25,000
20 Registered Mastiff = $50,000
30 Registered Mastiff = $100,000
40 Registered Mastiff = $400,000
50 Registered Mastiff = $800,000
100+ Registered Mastiff = 1,000,000! The person who registered the most mastiffs will be given 2FPP for their efforts! *Note that they must have registered at least 20 mastiff!


~ To enter your dogs, link them HERE for the July 4 event!
~ Do NOT worry if you are still leveling your dogs, just get them leveled before the end of the month, please!!

Game Time

06:01am on Jul 8

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