WCSc DARKE Intelligence Force 24HH lala 3int
Female German Shepherd Dog Owned by Azúcarheart (#1222009)
level 77     agi 604     cha 589     int 1942     spd 1247     stm 4530     str 1724
Full Name:WCSc DARKE Intelligence Force 24HH lala 3int
What's this? Breed:German Shepherd Dog (Guardian)
Retired On:November 26th, 2015
Born On:June 10th, 2015
Days Aged:1815 FP Days
Owner:Azúcarheart (#1222009)
Bred By:Azúcarheart (#1222009)
Eye Color:Amber
What's this? Genotype:PP kk EmEm bb dd slsl aa SS mm rr tt cchcch gg uu lala agiint intint HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH
Aptitude:Schutzhund, Musical Freestyle, Show, Agility, Flyball, Frisbee, Rally-O, Scent Hurdles
Times Bred:1
Boosters Used:0/5
Hips: Excellent   Elbows: Excellent   Eyes: Excellent   Ears: Excellent

Statistics and Experience

Agility 604
Charisma 589
Intelligence 1942 Major Group Stat
Speed 1247 Major Group Stat
Stamina 4530 Major Group Stat
Strength 1724 Major Group Stat
Indicates a major breed group stat.
Final Level 77
Experience Earned 63,902,981
Overall Ranking: #146,840   Breed Ranking: #8,538


None found.

Sports and Training

intx2 stmx2 strx2
World Champion Schutzhund
Total Competitions: 4120   
First Places149    Second Places233    Third Places235    Fourth Places231    Fifth Places193    Sixth Places195   
Winnings: $294,384    Experience: 63,902,981   
Overall Ranking: #452,632    Sport Ranking: #32,157
100% Training

Game Time

03:26am on Aug 11

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