WCSc {HEX} House of the Rising Sun |4E 24HH lala 3int| Chocolate {solid -Dd cw 1.243x}
Male German Shepherd Dog Owned by Shadow Fox|back saturday! (#373186)
level 77     agi 1109     cha 1119     int 2608     spd 1844     stm 2424     str 5150
Full Name:WCSc {HEX} House of the Rising Sun |4E 24HH lala 3int| Chocolate {solid -Dd cw 1.243x}
What's this? Breed:German Shepherd Dog (Guardian)
Retired On:December 29th, 2015
Born On:December 25th, 2014
Days Aged:2217 FP Days
Owner:Shadow Fox|back saturday! (#373186)
Bred By:Shadow Fox|back saturday! (#373186)
Eye Color:Amber
What's this? Genotype:PP kk EmEm bb Dd slsl aa SS mm rr tt cchcw gg uu lala intagi intint HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH
Aptitude:Schutzhund, Musical Freestyle, Flyball, Dock Diving
Times Bred:18
Boosters Used:0/5
Hips: Excellent   Elbows: Excellent   Eyes: Excellent   Ears: Excellent

Statistics and Experience

Agility 1109
Charisma 1119
Intelligence 2608 Major Group Stat
Speed 1844 Major Group Stat
Stamina 2424 Major Group Stat
Strength 5150 Major Group Stat
Indicates a major breed group stat.
Final Level 77
Experience Earned 63,367,772
Overall Ranking: #196,521   Breed Ranking: #10,495


None found.

Sports and Training

intx2 stmx2 strx2
World Champion Schutzhund
Total Competitions: 4300   
First Places270    Second Places233    Third Places241    Fourth Places200    Fifth Places160    Sixth Places194   
Winnings: $131,213    Experience: 63,367,772   
Overall Ranking: #196,953    Sport Ranking: #13,003
100% Training



JPnA CCO |v:S| Latona vom Sateda (#1853367)53Silver with Black Sable and Mask87
ASh AGC *Jupiter [Fawn w/ Isabella Poi&M] (#1786874)15Fawn with Isabella Saddle and Mask33
CCO LDC Chocolate 24 lala (#1904245)55Chocolate74
WCSc {HEX} Prince of Summer |24HH lala 2int|Chocolate w/Tan Points and Mask {Dd cchce 1.435x} (#1861203)81Chocolate with Tan Points and Mask99
NSc {HEX} sell |24 lala 3int|Blue 1.502x (otsd)(project kennel) (#2277379)1Blue6
NSc NT {HEX} Wayward Son (#2279323)1Black10
MO {HEX} WOLFF Cajun Seasoning der Reisenwolff [3x int] (#2277380)31Blue41
WCSh {HEX} WOLFF Rising Sun's House of Devastation der Reisenwolff (#1857676)81Black101
NH EbK {24HH}Famous In The Sun(kk)(EmEm)(bb dd)(cchcw)(lala)(solid Isa)agiagi intint (#1797459)1Isabella6
NH EbK (24HH) FOR SALE (#1797460)1Chocolate1435
WCFl [DH] 22HH 0hh [strint stmint] 1.467x (#1861835)69Silver with Blue Saddle and Mask2298
WCO HVG 23 HH Cassie von der Rebellen {1.432x} intint intint lala (#1902655)79Chocolate2291
WCT HVG 24 HH Cassius von der Westkuste {1.432x} agiint intint (#1902656)80Chocolate2314
WCSc {HEX} 24. lala 3int 1.5 Pain in my Mouth (#2279322)73Chocolate1665
UCSc ZvEG Anivitas von EisenGeist (#1858270)85Black2303
MFl RWss Beauty (#1800944)25Fawn with Isabella Saddle and Mask2274
UCSc {HEX} Grim Haus von Schatten |1.502x (#2279324)88Silver with Black Sable and Mask1287
WCSc DARKE Intelligence Force 24HH lala 3int (#1895191)77Isabella2250
NCM DARKE Karoline (#1861834)62Silver with Black Saddle and Mask2329
NCSc NSc GCP Tigrs Leona 1.455x (#1956202)52Fawn with Isabella Saddle and Mask2037
WCO {HEX} Lord of Midnight |24HH lala 3agi|Chocolate w/Silver Points and Mask {Dd 1.435x} (#1861204)72Chocolate with Silver Points and Mask2209
NCSc LDC Molly (#1904246)51Silver with Chocolate Saddle and Mask2188
WCSc {HEX} Phantasm |24 lala 3int|Fawn w/Chocolate Sable+Mask 1.552x (#2279321)74Fawn with Chocolate Sable and Mask1718
CCSc Puppy 9 (#1853368)54Cream with Black Saddle and Mask120
WCFl Setting Moon [stm] 22/0 (#1861836)83Isabella2335
WCSh {HEX} Song of Sorrow |24HH lala 3int|Black {1.463x} (#1857677)81Black2218
WCSc ZvEG {HEX} Mecury in Retrograde |24HH lala 4int|Black w/Cream Points and Mask {Bb Dd cw 1.432x} (#1858271)73Black with Cream Points and Mask1973

Current Litters

None found.

Previous Owners

Shadow Fox|back saturday! (#373186)Dec 31, 2014

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08:39pm on Oct 21

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