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Companions Group President: Eria - finally elite :o (#1437229)

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Updates: We met our goal!!! Woohoo!! Thanks for the great work everyone. Don't forget to head over to the prize topic !

Hey all, I'm Eria. Thanks for voting for me as your president this month! I know we can reach our goal.


This month’s breed boost is the Bichon Frise again. At the start of January, we had 2,102 Bichon registered. Our goal for this month is to register 2,151 Bichon. Since the boost is the same, please please please don't retire any of the Bichons you bred or bought for last month! I know we can do it!
Here is the link to the breed boost prize topic - click!

Current Bichon Registrations
Latest Update (1/19 - 3:30 PM): 2,157
Goal: 2,151
Current Rankings for Most Registered Bichons

1. velle (#647) - 2 dogs
1. Dede (#1585756) - 2 dogs
2. Jan-Dogs Hoping for a Home! (#1562772) - 1 dog
2. Alyssa (Mostly Locked) (#1515778) - 1 dog

~Some Great Casso Threads!~

Dog a Day: The Dog a Day campaign is a fun way to get the Companions Casso excited about our breeds! Here's a link to the topic.
Companion Breeders: Many thanks to Static (#1428697) for updating the old list compiled by Glepnir (#6444). The link to the list topic is here. This is a great resource for those who want a high quality pup of a certain breed.

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08:23am on Jan 20

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