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Scent Hounds Group President: Rory (#1690288)

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Welcome to the Scent Hounds Casso!


Our goal for the month of May is to get the Porcelaine count from 3,468 to 3,518 registrations!

We are happy to have all levels of breeders and owners here!

If you're interested in breeding some scent hounds of your very own, you have come to the right place!

Scent hounds specialize in Charisma, Intelligence, Speed, and Stamina.

There are 18 breeds in our Casso.

If you're interested in the prizes please click Here

Scent hounds specialize in following a smell or scent. Most of these breeds have long, drooping ears. One theory says that this trait helps to collect scent from the air and keep it near the dog's face and nose. They also have large nasal cavities, which helps them scent better. Their typically loose, moist lips are said to assist in trapping scent particles.

Because scent hounds tend to walk or run with their noses to the ground, many scent hound breeds have been developed such that the dog will hold their tail upright when on a scent. In addition, some breeds (e.g. beagle) also have been bred to have white hair on the tip of their tails. These traits allow the dog's master to identify him when at a distance or in longer grassland.

Last updated 1st of May, 2024

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03:35am on May 18

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