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Scent Hounds Group President: Jojo - Register Taiwan Dogs (#1525010)

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WELCOME APRIL 2020 The month of April’s breed boost stars the Taiwan Dog, which we need to raise to 1,998 from 2,047.

Goal: 2,047

Breed: Taiwan Dog

How to Participate:
Simply register your Taiwan dogs! They have to be newly registered in the month of April and can be store-bought, imported or bred. To be entered for the raffle or to receive FPD back for your registration you also must post the link to your registered Taiwan Dog HERE.

Please do not retire and Taiwan Dogs this month and lock them instead!

• I will split the Scenthound casso registration prize pool among all posted dogs (~$5000/dog)- sent out at the beginning of May.
• I will run a raffle May 1st for three prizes. The more dogs you enter, the better your chance of winning!
• The user with the most entries over all will get a trophy picture (.png) with a Taiwan Dog & their username to use as a tag or put in their kennel about page.

Raffle Prizes:
1) Your choice of either 1 FPP OR a custom made tag (pixel or vector art)
2) 1 mil FDP
3) Set of sturdy toys and one black krong chew

How the Raffle Process Works:
Each Taiwan dog registered (and posted here) will be put into a spreadsheet with your user ID and then assigned a random number between one and however many entries there are (hopefully 50+ ). At the end of the month I will use a random number generator to pick a number to determine the first place winner. Once a prize is won, the owner will be excluded from the rest of the prizes if one of their numbers comes up again. Order of prize determination = 1, 2, 3.

Click the URL below and Post Dogs Here:


Taiwan Dog Trivia
• Taiwan Dogs are one of the oldest and most primitive dog breeds in the world. They are the descendants of the South Asian hunting dogs indigenous to the central mountainous regions of Taiwan.
• Taiwan Dogs are also known as Formosan Mountain Dogs.
• Taiwan Dogs have spotted tongues.
• Taiwan Dogs are closely related to the Dingo and New Guinea Singing Dog.

Game Time

01:49am on Apr 6

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