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Scent Hounds Group President: Emmalyn- Happy Easter! (#1562673)

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Happy April!

And welcome to the Scent Hounds Casso!!

GOAL MET: 2,465-2,379 registrations so far

I am Emmalyn and I am your president for the month of April! We are boosting........................................ the Greek Harehound! This wonderful breed had been the breed boost many times now and I am hoping to make it so it doesn't have to be for a while. To meet our goal we must boost the Greek Harehound from 2,336 registrations to 2,379 registrations. Don't retire any Greek Harehounds in the month of April! I have been the scent president many times before and I am happy to be the scent president again. I love all dogs and I have a soft spot for scent breeds specifically.

The Greek Harehound is a medium sized scenthound with a short black and tan coat. It was originally bred for hunting and tracking in Greece. Greek Harehounds are highly intelligent and they have a high prey drive that is a natural instinct.

The Prize Pot

#1 most registrations: 1 FPP
2nd most registrations: 1,000,000 FPD
3rd most registrations: 750,000 FPD
For each individual Greek Harehound registered you will receive 7,000 FPD

Once again DON'T retire any Greek Harehounds in the month of April!

Click here to purchase a Greek Harehound

Game Time

12:40am on Apr 20

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