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Scent Hounds Group President: Destiny Nicole <3 (#1067255)

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Welcome to the Scent Hounds Casso!
Welcome to the Scent Hounds Casso Breed Boost of July!

WE HAVE MET OUR GOAL!!! :D (07/18/18)

I am so honored to be voted for SH President twice this year! Last time I was President we did the Black and Tan Coonhound and we reached its goal! I was so happy and am overjoyed to get the chance to do this again! Also a congratulations to my dear friend Swampie, and to the Casso, for reaching the Harrier breed boost goal for last month!

About this months breed, the Taiwan Dog!

Group: Scent Hounds
Main Stats: Charisma Intelligence Speed Stamina
Active Now: 73
Population Now: 2,442
Highest Level on FP: 91
Highest Retired Level on FP: 93
Breed Boost Info:

The SH Breed Boost breed of July 2018 is the Taiwan Dog!!!

Goal Currently Met!!!!!: Taiwan Dog to 1,418 registrations.

Current Taiwan Dog Registrations: We are at 1,447 registrations!!!!

We Currently Need: No more but keep going!! :D

Breed Boost Rules

-Comment on the Breed Boost topic to enter
-Please fill form out completely.
-Please do not retire any Taiwan Dogs this month!
-If you dont own the dog when boost ends it wont count for you.
-Dogs MUST be registered this month.
-Dogs can be bought/bred anytime as long as not registered till this month
-You must comment links to your dogs before registered, and after registered
(You can also message them to me)


Most Taiwan Dogs Registered
1st- 1,000,000 FPD
2nd- 500,000 FPD
3rd- 250,000FPD
Each Taiwan Dog Registered- 2,000FPD
Highest Leveled Taiwan Dog- 250,000FPD
Highest HH Dog- Package of usable items.

Game Time

03:09am on Jul 22

Welcome Guest

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