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Scent Hounds Group President: D0G~Happy 4th! (#1515390)

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May 2022

This month we are boosting the Harrier to 3,057 Registrations.
Current: 3,113 (GOAL MET!)

Breed: Harrier

The incentives for registering Harriers this month are as follows

$5,000 per 1 registration
$75,000 for 10 registrations
$250,000 for 25 registrations
(please note, the bonuses for multiple registrations do not stack!)

In addition to the above rewards, each registration is also a raffle ticket, giving you a chance to win one of the following prizes:

Magical Rainbow Fish Slime
Slice of Pumpkin Pie

In order to be eligible for incentives and prizes, please post your newly registered dogs to the link below. If they are older dogs (i.e. not store-bought dogs purchased in May), let me know before registering them, either by private message or by posting to the thread. If you retire them before the new month begins, they will not count.

Post registered Harriers here

Good luck everyone!

Game Time

09:39am on Aug 15

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