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Sight Hounds Group President: Scara- Visit me in BE 4 treats (#13536)

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Many thanks to Levi (#1452692) for our lovely new manip!
Pharaoh Hound to 3,768 Registrations
~* Updated October 25th, 2020 *~
Current registrations: 3,873 *105 over!*
Goal Met!
Thanks everyone for voting for me! I have lots of prizes planned and I am offering my Pharaoh Hound studs for free this month! Also I will be offering a few free litters from leveled parents. Even though we met the goal keep the entries coming!
Please check the topics to find this month's boost topic or click here.

Free Boarder by PhoebeRose on Deviant

Game Time

07:49am on Oct 25

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