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Sight Hounds Group President: GASK-RegisterScottishDeerhound (#1335175)

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Breed Boost:

Goal: Scottish Deerhound to 3,411 registrations. We are currently at 3,370 registrations. We HAVE NOT met our goal. Don't retire any Scottish deerhound this month! Please lock your old dogs!

The Scottish Deerhound, a large sighthound breed, is known for their grace, speed, and lean bodies. They were bred to hunt red deer. They resemble a greyhound, but are larger with a rougher coat.

By the end of the month, if we meet our goal, the user with the most Scottish Deerhound registered will receive 1,300,000 fpd. Everyone who registered deerhounds please msg me the number you registered along with a link to your registered dogs to be eligible for this contest. Note: dogs must be registered in June and not be retired my the last day of June to count. Register those Scottish Deerhounds!

Game Time

03:53am on Jun 18

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