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Sight Hounds Group President: Half-Blood Princess (#792559)

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Many thanks to Levi (#1452692) for our lovely new manip!

Scottish Deerhound to 4,471 Registrations
~* Updated April 3, 2021 *~
Current registrations: 4,517
This month we are working on boosting Pharaoh Hounds! There is contests for the most Pharaoh Hounds and sight hounds registered, along with the highest XMP and leveled dogs born during April. Entries into each of these contests enters you in our raffle! Please send questions to April president, Half-Blood Princess (#792559)
Thank you for electing me as president for April 2021!

All entries must be posted here: April Breed Boost
Rewards are as follows:
Each registration: $6,000
Every 10th registration: Additional $15,000
Reach 50 registrations: Additional $150,000

Buy your new Pharaoh Hounds here:Purchase a Pharaoh Hound

Game Time

11:44pm on Apr 21

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