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Sight Hounds Group President: Four ~ Boycott FPP (#1433053)

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Breed Boost:

Goal: Scottish Deerhound to 3,312 registrations. We are currently at 3,291 registrations. We HAVE NOT met our goal. Don't retire any deerhound! Lock your old dogs!

The Scottish Deerhound, a large coursing breed, is this month's breed boost breed! Message me their links for 1,000 FPD per dog. Who ever sends me the most registrations gets 3,000,000 FPD if we reach our goal (this prize may go up as the breed boost pot does).

They're larger and more substantial than Greyhounds but have a similar silhouette. They were bred to hunt Scottish Red Deer. They are seen in many colors but dark blue-gray is most prefered and most common. Large deerstalking hounds have been used in Scottland even before the Scots got there in the 19th century. Clan cheiftans used to use them to hunt. Because of the breed is so old it can get hard to seperate it's true origin from myth and legend.

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08:59pm on Apr 22

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