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Sight Hounds Group President: SCK- Register Scottish Deers! (#1400439)

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Breed Boost:

Goal: Scottish Deerhound to 3,706 registrations. We are currently at 3,599 registrations. WE JUST DROPPED DOWN BY 6! We have NOT met our goal of 3,637!

Thank you for electing me, Sun Crest for president of December! Please let me know if you register a Scottish Deerhound! PLEASE DO NOT retire any Deerhounds this month! Please lock your 101+ day old dogs! If you have any you don't want to keep, I will take them, and hold them until this month is completed! I will even pay 1k FPD.

The Scottish Deerhound is a breed of dog originating from Scotland, specifically a member of the sight-hound family. They are closely related to the Irish Wolfhound, and helped contribute to the breed in the 19th century. The Scottish Deerhound is gentle and extremely friendly. The breed is famed for being docile and eager to please, with a bearing of gentle dignity. They were bred to hunt Red Deer.

Message me Sun Crest, #1400439 with a link to every Scottish Deerhound you register to get a prize!

By the end of the month, if we meet our goal, the user with the most Scottish Deerhounds registered will receive $500,000 FPD. For each Deerhound you register, you will receive $1,000 FPD, Just message me, with a link to them.
For 10 registered, you will receive 2 of each basic chew (pig ear, antler, and rawhide) and 1 krong
For 25, You will receive 1 of each krong (Not black, sorry)
For 40 You will receive 10-12 basic grooming kits
And for 60, you will receive a free breeding from any of my male dogs, any breed, and any level.

Game Time

10:29pm on Dec 13

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