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Sight Hounds Group President: Whisty - Sight Hound Prez! (#323581)

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Many thanks to Levi (#1452692) for our lovely new manip!

Sloughi to 4,467 Registrations
~* Updated January 18, 2021 *~
Current registrations: 4,468
Goal Met!
Thank you for electing me as president for January 2021! I will update with details concerning prizes soon. There will be FPP and FPD prizes.
The dogs participating in this boost for prizes MUST be bought in January 2021 or born on or after December 20, 2020! This is to ensure that only dogs registered in January 2021 will be entered for prizes. If you have questions about a particular dog that could be an exception, please message me with the link so I can note it before you register them.
I will be checking every entry and awarding the prizes on February 1, 2021.
All entries must be posted in the topic "January 2021 Sloughi Breed Boost"
3 FPP Most registered Sloughi
2 FPP Runner up for Most registered Sloughi
1 FPP Highest level store bought Sloughi
1 FPP Highest level player bred/imported Sloughi
$5000 for each registered Sloughi entry (possibly more depending on the prize pot)

Game Time

12:49am on Jan 23

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