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Sight Hounds Group President: Emma (#1667341)

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Sight Hounds Casso
Welcome to the Sight Hounds Casso, I will be representing this month as President, see my kennel here!

Here at Furry Paws, we have 16 wonderful breeds of sighthounds! From Afghan Hounds to Whippets, there's sure to be a breed right for you.

In the Sight Hounds Casso, we are proud to have some of the oldest dog breeds in the world! The greyhound is the oldest purebred dog, with the first records of them dating back over 8,000 years! The Saluki and Basenji are also regarded as some of the oldest dog breeds.

Historically, sighthounds have been bred to spot movement, and then to hunt down and either kill or capture the prey. While they are still used for this purpose today, many sighthounds are now used in racing, or show. They also make wonderful pets!

Sight Hounds are a beautiful and diverse group of dogs, perfect for many types of owners both on Furry Paws and in real life! See all sighthound options in-game HERE!
breed boost text Pharaoh Hound
This month's Breed Boost is the Pharaoh Hound!
Please do not retire any this month!
A fun fact about this month's breed is Pharaoh Hounds blush when excited! A rush of blood adds a soft glow to their ears and nose due to a lack of pigment!

Pharoah Hound Registrations: 5,620 / 5,651 Goal Not Met

Adopt a Pharaoh Hound!

Art from the Image Bank drawn by Poonie!

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07:43pm on Mar 29

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