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Flock Guardians Group President: Spike (#38625)

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Welcome to the Flock Guardian Casso, I'm July's President, Star!

A little bit about our Flock Guardian Casso breeds.

On Furry Paws, there are 14 breeds of Flock Guardian! This Casso has the most colourful breed on Furry Paws!! The Central Asian Shepherd! A wonderful new addition to our Casso.

Flock Guardians have been bred for the sole purpose of guarding livestock, and these hardy dogs do their job well. They remain one of the groups that is largely still devoted to their original purpose.

Usually, their presence within a herd will discourage predators, but if confronted, these breeds should have the ability to scare them off by barking, intimidation, and if nothing else works have the courage to use force.

In real life, our Flock Guardian breeds are often aloof, confident and protective dogs, although not aggressive to people they need experienced ownership and are not for beginners!

Flock guardians are an amazing class of dogs for the right owners.


This Month’s Casso target goal is to get the Norwegian Buhund to 2,328 Registrations!



Please do NOT retire any Norwegian Buhunds this month! It will help us reach our goal! Thank you!


The “bu” in the name “Buhund” comes from the Norwegian word for homestead, farm, or mountain hut
Vikings took Buhunds with them on their travels!
Norwegian Buhunds are exceptionally intelligent dogs

**Registry Post!**

Game Time

01:16pm on Aug 3

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