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Flock Guardians Group President: Spike (#38625)

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WELCOME 2020 Welcome To the Flock Guardian Casso. Flock Guardians are often used to protect livestock and flocks from danger. Their general presence with the flock helps discourage predators from harassing the farmer's flock. There are two types of Flock Guardians, ones who stick close to the flock like the Maremma and the Anatolian, And those who are moreso perimeter guardians as they patrol the perimeters and don't always stick too close to the flock. There are also multiple methods they utilize against predators but we won't get into that right now. Flock guardians are an amazing class of dogs for the right owners.
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Goal NOT Met!
Remember not to retire.

I am a broke chick so no prizes as goal won't be met D:
But if it were 1milFPD for the winner.

- They sometimes bark often due to the fact of announcing their presences to potential predators.
- Puppies can start exhibiting guarding instinct by four months old.
- Resource guarding can be an issue.

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09:29pm on Mar 31

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