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Flock Guardians Group President: Shelby ~ Register DDBs! (#1356816)

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flock guardians 2019

For the month of June, our goal is to get the Dogue de Bordeaux to 1,759 registrations. Before you exit this page, take a look at the prizes I'm offering!

For the player who registers the most Dogue de Bordeaux dogs this month, they will be awarded with 1 FPP and one free custom tag (if you win, just pm me what you would like me to make).
If you register 5 DDB's, you will get a bonus of 80,000 FPD. If you register 10 DDB's, you will get a bonus of 200,000 FPD.

For every Dogue de Boreaux you register, you will recieve 5,000 FPD plus an item (not bowls, leashes, beds, or anything like that; a slightly more valuable item, I promise!). Please don't retire any this month. If it is about to retire, please lock it! Come on, guys! Let's register those DDB's! I will improve the prizes, don't worry. We really need you, yes you ;), to take part in this breed boost! I notice the number if registrations has just took a hit because a whole bunch of DDBs were just retired. Please, I ask you, lock your DDBs that are about to retire!

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03:49pm on Jun 25

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