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Drovers Group President: Huntress~ Drovers President (#1522692)

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THF here! Thanks for making the end of 2020’s breed boost a success. We’ve met our goal of Croatian Sheepdogs!

Hello everyone! For this month I have the privilege and honor of being your president for the Drovers Casso. I plan on doing everything that I promised everyone and the reason why you picked me as your president. :D

For this month our goal to met is to register Old English Sheepdog. So I plan on doing a contest for the breed (and of course others :).) The link will be posted on the bottom of this. Please do not retire Old English Sheepdogs. We have reached our goal!! Good job everyone! Please be sure to add your name and how many you register OES to get credit I'll add a new contest every 10 days! Please be on the look out and participate!

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02:36am on Jan 18

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