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Drovers Group President: Four ~ going to miami (#1433053)

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Hey guys it's Four, July's Drovers President! This months breed boost is the Puli.

Puli are a smaller medium sized Hungarian breed.

We just reached our goal but let's go above and beyond. If you have any Puli under level 5, keep leveling them up, the more the merrier! Great work to everyone who participated this month!

Our goal for the month is Puli to 2,011 registrations. We're at 2,011 registrations right now.

We are 0 dogs above our goal!!!

Keep sending me (#1433053) the links of newly regestered Puli. The person with the most puli registrations will get 5,000,000 FPD!!! (this is only out of the people that send me their registered dogs).

Lets keep it up!

REMEMBER: Don't retire any Puli this month! If a dog is about to retire, lock it!

Let's keep it up guys!!! Remember to send me links to your registered dogs!!! Don't retire Puli!!!

Game Time

03:09am on Jul 22

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