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Drovers Group President: Dreamy - Easter Tags On ASB (#1459603)

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Welcome to the drovers casso!

Hey Everyone, Thankyou so much for Electing me this Month! <3>   Our Goal For This Month Is To Get The

Croatian Sheepdog to 2,237 Registrations!!

Currently at: 2241 registrations!

We Reached The Goal!!! Thankyou Guys so much!! Ahhhh!! :))
Message Me or post your dog's links on the April breed boost topic!! :))) I am giving $10,000 FPD for each Croatian Sheepdog you register!!!
There Will Also Be a Raffle: 1 Croatian Sheepdog Registered = 1 Entry
1st Place = 2 Million FPD and 1 FPP
2nd Place = 1 Million FPD
At The End Of The Month I will Enter everyones name into a random name generator which will chose, 1st and 2nd place!!! (you're name will be put in multiple times depending on how many Croatian Sheepdogs you registered this month :D, so the more Croatian Sheepdogs you register the higher chances you have at winning!!!)
Thanks!!! :))

Please don't retire any Croatian Sheepdogs this month!! :))

Game Time

06:43pm on Apr 20

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