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Drovers Group President: The Heeler Farm (#1483929)

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Our Breed To Boost is the Croatian Sheepdog!

Hello again wonderful folks! I am The Heeler Farm, and I am so thankful to be your December 2019 Drovers Casso President! This month, I need your help in reaching 2,499 Croatian Sheepdog registrations, so we have some big prizes available for the boost including a few FPP to be earned. Let's make the month of December a year's end success. Please do not retire any Croatian Sheepdogs this month- if they are close to the age, please lock them until the end of the month. Thank you everyone for your help, and have a safe and joyous holiday season.

You can find more info at the following thread: December Breed Boost- CROATIAN SHEEPDOG

Current Number Registered: 2,531 on 12/12/19 (WHOA! We did it! Thanks so much everyone for your help- we made it to the goal and MORE!)

Breed Registration Goal: 2,499 (let's make it an even 2,500!)


Game Time

03:12am on Dec 14

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