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Drovers Group President: Jade (#1477588)

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Hi all, first I'd like to say a huge gratitude-filled thank you to everyone who gave me their vote and support. This is my first time being President and I am open if you ever would like to send me a message on tips for improving the Drovers casso, because we always want to be better and improve our numbers! This Month we will be breed boosting the...Puli! CURRENT REGISTRATIONS: 3,104 Registrations OUR GOAL: Puli to 3,154 Registrations There will be rewards for every Puli registered and prizes for the person who registers the most Puli's this month! Please go to to help this breed boost this month and to learn more! Please do NOT retire any Puli's this month, please just lock them.

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07:08am on Jul 8

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