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Drovers Group President: Kitteyrenlover|treat preferred (#1682358)

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HI :D It’s Kitteyrenlover, and thank you for electing me to be the president of the casso for the month! I love you all :D

This month’s breed boost is the PULI to 5,063 registrations! We currently have 5,014! I BELIEVE IN US :D

Anyone who registers 10 or more Pulik until the goal is met will get a Black Krong Chew (0% break chance!) for every 10 Pulik, and whoever registers the final (5,063rd) Puli will get 1 FPP!

To sweeten the deal, I will refund every Puli registration until we’ve reached our goal! Also, anyone who registers at least 1 Puli can reserve any of my puppies for free :) DM me to tell me which Pulik you’ve registered and you’ll get your compensation and rewards!

Please do not retire any Pulik this month since that will remove those Pulik from our count and take us further from our goal! Lock them instead :)

Australian Cattle Dog sleeping on sheep
The Drovers group encompasses 26 fantastic and diverse breeds, from the hardy and intelligent Australian Shepherd to the long and low Swedish Vallhund. Drovers' boosted stats are Agility, Intelligence, Speed, and Stamina, and they excel at Agility, Herding, Rally, Tracking, and other energetic, training-heavy sports. In fact, the Drovers group is the only group in which all of its breeds have the instincts needed to compete in Herding!

Drovers are dogs that have been bred to control cattle, whether that be by herding sheep around a field, by driving pigs, geese, and other animals long distances, or by something else entirely. These breeds are rugged, adaptable, and exceptionally intelligent. Any owner of a breed like this will tell you that a Drover cannot thrive without a job to do (and if they are not given one, they will happily make their own!)

Here in the Drovers CASSO, we are enthusiasts of all things Drover and we strive to breed dogs with one-of-a-kind genetics, colors, and pedigrees that no other group has seen before.

Signing off, and I hope to see you at the next Herding competition!
-Kitteyrenlover (#1682358)

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09:38pm on Nov 28

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