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Spaniels/Flushers Group President: Bethany side-spaniel president (#1693870)

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Hi there! Thank you for your support in voting for me as president of this casso!

Field spaniels are what we're trying to get registered this month! If you register a Field Spaniel, you get a spin on the random generator wheel I've made online where you could get the following prizes:

10,000 FPD

Sturdy dog toy

A Critter

A surprise dog breed


A Gift of your choice that costs 70,000 FPD or under.

The spin is done as soon as the spaniel has been registered.

PLEASE NOTE: You have to message me before registering the spaniel. Then I can message back 'Checked!' and you can register it. Once it is registered, as I've already stated, I'll spin the wheel. There's the same chance for each reward, it's not balanced on the cheap rewards.

So far, we have 3482/3511 registered. Please help me out by registering your field spaniels!

We're making great progress! Please don't retire your field spaniels this month! Now the countdown has begun... 36 Spaniels left to get registered! We can do this!(

Game Time

11:41pm on Jun 19

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