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Spaniels/Flushers Group President: Red Love *Spaniels/Flushers* (#1471742)

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Hello everyone!! I'm MistyBunny, the casso president for December. Thank you so much for voting for me this month. Our goal and focus is the Sussex Spaniel again. Although we did not reach the goal last month i am sure we can do it this year.

This lovely breed was first recognized in 1895. They are a long and low built dog with a big head and a droopy face. Sussex spaniels will often look sad or disappointed. But don’t let their saggy face fool you, these loveable dogs have a goofy personality and a laid back demeanour. With only 53 registrations in the American kennel club in 2011, this is one of the rarest and most endangered breeds around. It’s not the first time these dogs have faced extinction though, during world war 1 and 2, Sussex spaniels almost disappeared completely. Thanks to the hard work of breeders, this breed has stuck around. Heard enough? Go adopt your own Sussex spaniel today! (Or 12!)
Our Current Sussex Spaniel Registrations are 2,371. Our goal is to get 2,410 Registrations this month!
Get a Sussex Spaniel now!Here
DON'T Retire any Sussex Spaniels this month. Lock them if needed. This will help us reach our goal. Please record your registered dogs here: Here

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