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Retrievers Group President: Ashley (#1507428)

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Hey there everyone! I'm Ashley and I am your President this month!

Our goal is to get Irish Water Spaniels to 2,692 registrations and we are currently at 2,641.

Prizes for the month are as follows:

Every 2 dogs registered: $10,000

Most Dogs Registered:

1st- $1,000,000 FPD + Full Set Sturdy Toys
2nd- $500,000 3rd- $250,000

1) Dogs must be born/bought on November 26th or later. Birth dates will be checked.
2) Once registered, links to the dogs MUST be private messaged to me.
3) Please don't retire any dogs!

Any questions you have, PLEASE don't hesitate to PM me!

I have many litters of Irish Water Spaniels that will be up for sale so if you would like to help meet our goal they will be priced cheaper than the Market price (unless they show above adverage stats) If the price is still too high for you to afford, message me and we will figure something out.

Game Time

02:07am on Dec 14

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