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Retrievers Group President: Syd (#1500200)

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The breed for this month is the Irish Water Spaniel and we need to register 50 dogs in order to reach the goal of 2,633.

If you need assistance to purchase the underrepresented breed, the Retrievers Casso will provide it by reimbursing the $5,000 cost for each Irish Water Spaniel purchased from the Pet Shop for non-Elite players who requests such.

For every 4 registered, you will receive $9000. 2 Irish Water Spaniels = $4500 and so on.

Substantial prizes will be awarded to the top two participants, who register the most dogs and additional contests with prizes will occur during the month

Prizes 1. 1 FPP 2. 450,000

Game Time

08:29pm on Aug 17

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