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Retrievers Group President: Mags-Free puppies available! (#1561782)

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Welcome to the Retrievers Casso!
Hi guys! I'm Mags and i'll be your casso president for the month of September!

Our goal this month is to reach 2,875 registrations for the Irish Water Spaniel!
Current: Goal not met. :(
Right now we need: 50 more registrations!

Please PM me their registrations!

End of month raffle!

  • Step 1 - PM me the number of registered Irish water spaniels you have
  • Step 2- The amount of times your name will be entered will be based on the amount of Irish water spaniels you have.
  • Step 3 - At the end of the month i will use a random number generator to determine the winner

winners will be announced September 31st. Prizes and money for registrations will all be given out on September 31st.

I know you guys can do it! Good luck! ( This page will be regularly updated so make sure to check this page once in a while )

For more information on the end of month raffle make sure to see this link:

Game Time

07:20pm on Sep 24

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