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Retrievers Group President: Acciasaurus - Go Dragons! (#227647)

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Welcome To The Retrievers Casso!

Hi everyone, I’m Acciasaurus, thank you for voting me to be this month's president.

This month, we are boosting the Irish Water Spaniel. Let’s really push and get those numbers up!

Goal Not Met: 4,227/4,276 registrations

Please don’t retire any Irish Water Spaniels this month!!

The Breed Boost

Please enter your dogs on this topic


For every Irish Water Spaniel registered this month in the casso you'll earn 5k.

There is also a raffle!

For every 5 dogs that you register and link, you get 1 ticket into the raffle. (PS these prizes may increase)

1st Place: 1FPP

2nd Place: 500k

3rd Place: 250k

Game Time

08:31pm on Jun 2

Welcome Guest

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