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Hunting Group President: ReD (#37393)

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Welcome to the Hunting Group Casso

Current President:

Hello New President! Feel free to tell the Casso a little bit about yourself..

Hello everyone! I'm ReD and I'm the June Hunting Casso President! I'm excited to be part of the group. I have been breeding Akita since I started playing furry-paws back in 2004, but have started to branch out to other Hunting Casso Breeds since I started working on the Diversifier Achievement.

Breed Boost

Here is where you can learn about the Monthly Breed Boost.

For June, the Casso Goal is to reach 2,823 Registered Norwegian Lundehunds. As of 3 June, we only have 2,778 registrations. We only need 45 Norwegian Lundehunds to go! Please do not retire any lundehunds this month.

Please Click Here for the June Breed Boost Contest

This Boost offers...
  • Prize for Highest Level Lundehund in June
  • Prize for Most Wins on a Lundehund in June
  • Prize for Most Lundehunds Registered in June

Hunting Casso Breeder List

The Hunting Casso is in need of a new Breeder List! The list maintained by Gleipnir is no longer updating; the last date was 14 April 2020. One of ReD's goals for June is to begin a New Breed List! Check back soon for details!

Game Time

11:05pm on Jun 24

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