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Hunting Group President: The Heeler Farm (#1483929)

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WE DID IT! 2,556 9/24/2020 of 2,524 - please lock older dogs - thank you!


Our Breed To Boost is the Thai Ridgeback Dog!

Hello there friends, and welcome to the Hunting Casso! I am The Heeler Farm, and thank you very much for choosing me as your president for the month of September 2020! Our goal is to reach 2,524 Thai Ridgeback Dog registrations before September ends and we welcome in the Fall season. Please do not retire any Thai Ridgeback Dogs this month - if they are close to the age, please lock them until the end of the month. Thank you for all of your help!

You can find more info at the following thread: September Boost Thread - Thai Ridgeback Dog

Current Number Registered: 2,556 on 09/24/2020

Breed Registration Goal: 2,524 (GOAL MET)


Game Time

07:32pm on Sep 24

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