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Hunting Group President: sage ~ register lundehunds! (#1630715)

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welcome to..

The Hunting Casso!

Welcome, welcome! I’m this month’s president, Sage , If you ever have any questions or concerns about the casso, Breed Boost, etc, PM me! Feel free to friend request also. I’m Canadian, same timezone as FP! This is my first time as a Casso president, so please bear with me!

The Hunting Casso is home to a wide variety of breeds, all excellent choices for hunting birds or small prey! It's common for human hunters to bring a hunting dog with them on their trips, as they have the perfect natural skillset. The Great Dane is in the top 10 most common dog breeds on FP, but let’s raise those numbers and get the hunting dogs up higher!

In our topics we have a list of breeders who specialize in hunting dogs, if you’d like to go get yourself added, you can reply and ask to! (thank you to .:jupiter:. (#1580580) !)

Breed Boost

We are once again raising the numbers of the Norwegian Lundehund! This is a small dog originating from Norway, it’s name translating to Puffin-Dog! For more information on the breedboost, check out my post here!



With that, have an amazing January, remember to register, not retire, Norwegian Lundehunds, and stay safe!

EDIT: Thank you all so much for working together to reach the goal! Prizes will be distributed at the end of term, keep registering for better chances in the raffle

Game Time

09:15pm on Jan 22

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