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Hunting Group President: Razorblade (#475354)

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Welcome to the Hunting Casso!!!

For the month of July we need to get the Norwegian Lundehund to 2,060. We are currently at 2,039. Only 21 more to go!! We can do this!!

Reward info

So there will be rewards given out. Only 3 rewards will be given. Basically like 1st, 2nd and 3rd. The top 3 players with highest registered dogs starting July 1st will get prizes. All your dogs must have a birth date that is July 1st or later. We have a whole month to do this!!! I know we can. I know it seems a bit much to only count the dogs with birthdays in July but this is a July goal after all. If dogs are store bought then they need to be bought on or after July 1st. I will be checking. Now onto the rewards.


First place gets:

10 toys of your choice
6 collars of your choice
6 leaches of your choice

Second place gets:

5 toys of your choice
4 collars of your choice
4 leaches of your choice

Third place gets:

3 toys of your choice
3 collars of your choice
3 leaches of your choice

Now in order to get the prizes you must send me (Razorblade #475354) a message stating that you just registered your dogs and a link to those dogs. I will be checking birthdays to each dog. Please label your message with Casso Goal. And remember the most important thing of all! HAVE FUN!!!!!

Game Time

01:39pm on Jul 20

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