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Hunting Group President: Griz (#1445279)

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Hello , And Welcome to the best Casso there is... The Hunting casso!

Thank you all so much for Voting me!


will tell you a little about me later! First, let us get right to business! For the month of June, we are called from the society of heroes to get Thai ridgeback to 2,471 we are currently at 2,427 The Society of heroes and I know we can do this!

The heroes have gifted me time t do art and 2,150,000 Millon FPD!

The most registered by one person will get the option of

5 custom tags (at a value of 10 FPP) and 500k OR 1,000,000 FPD

2nd place will get the chose of: 3 custom tags (at a value of 6 FPP) and 250k OR 500k

3rd place will get the choose of: 1 custom tag (at a value of 2 FPP) and 150k OR 250k!

How Do I win?

Well, It is quite easy, all you have to do is message me with the dog's link!


1. All dogs must be born on or after June 31st. I will be looking at birth dates.

2. As soon as your dog(s) get to level 5 please register it (Them) and message me, please to get your 3,000 fpd

3. always have fun doing this and don't be mean!

Ok, OK, because you asked I will tell a little about me!

I am Griz! I am 12-15 and love dogs. I am a female. I also, own 2 horses and train 1 in SAR (search and rescue) and the other one is A retired SAR horse! I love in Washington where we get wayyyyyyy to much rain for our own good. I am scared of the dark and bugs, though I love light bugs from my home town! I play video games such as, Zelda breath of the wild, Mario kart 8, Go vacation, arms, and those type of games! I own 3 dogs, one is mine personally, Grizzly, I am training him in agility, he is Chihuahua mix, love of my life. I also own and American bully named, Opie, the sweetest thing on earth, sweeter then candy, but dummer then a box of rocks. I also own another Chihuahua mix, bear (see what I did there with the names, Grizzly and bear ;), she loves the summer and winter, she is such a happy dog, she also loves to be held and cuddled! That just about wraps it up for stuff about me!

Game Time

10:47am on Jul 7

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