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Versatile Group President: Paso Doble Kennels (#1648853)

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this is gonna be pretty minimalist I'm not a huge fan of coding big posts lol

Welcome to the versatile Casso!

this month's registration breed: Brussels Griffon


needed count: 3,341

current count: 3,298

how many to get there: 43

we can definitely get 43 registered by the end of the month :3

DO NOT retire any brussels griffons this month!

this is korn and I'm your casso president this month! thank you for voting for me! sorry it has taken me a bit to update this. I'm gonna do a little reward system:

for every 10 brussels griffons you register, I'll give you a $50k prize! just message me and lmk which dogs you registered c:

Game Time

10:05pm on Nov 28

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