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Versatile Group President: Diana-CHECK VERSATILE CASSO (#1645125)

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Goal Met! KEEP ON REGISTERING: Miniature Pinscher to 2,833 Registrations

Current Miniature Pinscher Registrations: 2,842

Hello! My name is Diana (click on my name to see profile)! I'm the president for me this month! I want to make the versatile Casso the best I can so if you care about any of the versatile breeds than help us reach our goal!

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Our goal for the month of march is to get the Miniature Pinscher to 2,833 registrations! For this month please do not retire your Miniature Pinschers please lock them if possible. I am willing to pay 1,000 for you to lock any of your Miniature Pinschers over the age of 75 days old. Please be honest, if you were planning of locking the dog already do not ask for money. The money is if you had plans for the dog and have to postpone the plans to help!

RULES: The Miniature Pinscher must be born after Feb. 23. If born between the 20-22 you can send me a message to ask HERE or if you have any other questions I will be happy to answer them! When you register please provide a link to the dog and the dog's name. REGISTER BY CLICKING HERE


Once again, you can register your dog by sending me a message HERE.


If you are wondering what the raffle ticket prizes mean, I'm running another raffle with items that are worth over 15, 000, 000 fpd. You can get free raffle tickets if you win. If you want to find the raffle click Here

Game Time

10:10pm on Mar 31

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