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Versatile Group President: Hannah ~come trick or treat~ (#1469268)

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Welcome to the Versatile Casso Page!

Thank you so much for electing me President of the Versatile Casso! It means a lot! Okay, so I want to try to reach a new goal. And I want to try to get to 1,716. I think we all can do it! I will be helping to. All vote for Bailey! Come on we can do guys! Okay, apparently we did not reach our goal, it changed for real. So, let's work really hard!Oh, come on guys, no, we are not going backwards, lets finally reach our goal! I mean I have prizes, what more can I do?

Goal: 1,675 Registered Griffons

Currently: 1,627



For every Brussels Griffon that is registered, you will receive a prize! Please contact me when you register a Brussels Griffon or you can leave a comment on the post I made labelled "Brussels Griffon Registrations" and I will send you your prize as soon as possible. At the end of the month, the person that registers the most Brussels Griffons will receive $25,000! For every dog you register after registering 10, you will receive 5,000 FPD!


1 Brussels = 1 Kong

2 Brussels = 3 Puppy Food

3 Brussels = 2 Bed

4 Brussels = Leash and Collar

5 Brussels = 5 Dog Foods of your Choice

6 Brussels = 1 Dog of your Choice

7 Brussels = 10,000 FPD

8 Brussels = Training Kit of your Choice

9 Brussels = 15,000 FPD

10 Brussels = 2 Dogs of your choice




For every Brussels Griffon you register, your name will be added to the prize drawing. There will be ONE winner and TWO runner-ups. The more dogs you register, the higher of a chance you have to win! Keep in mind you HAVE to message me when you register, otherwise I have no idea who registered. The winner will receive a dog of your choice, a sturdy toy set, and 75,000 FPD. The runner-ups will receive a dog of your choice and 25,000 FPD. Happy Registering!

Game Time

10:40pm on Nov 18

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