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Versatile Group President: körn//1.5m FPD prize@versatile (#1433858)

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May Term President: körn (#1433858)

Thank you all for electing me to be the casso president this term! If you need me for whatever reason or have any questions/conerns, please don't hesitate to message me. Little slow at replying right now!

And of course, happy May and soon-to-be summerheart.png

Goal: 1,899 Registered Brussels Griffons

Currently: 1,852

47 more to go!

 As if I cannot stress this enough, PLEASE DO NOT RETIRE ANY BRUSSELS GRIFFONS THIS MONTH! No penalty is at hand for those who do retire, it is merely an inconvience and backset to our goal.

The more you retire, the less we have, the further from our goal, the longer we have to register Brussels Griffons.

For every Brussels Griffon that is registered, you will receive 1k FPD times the amount of Brussels you registered, as follows:

1 Brussels = 1,000 FPD

2 Brussels = 2,000 FPD

3 Brussels = 3,000 FPD

...and so on.

Claim your prizes here.

If you register 50+ Brussels Griffons, you will get 100,000 FPD!

The person to register the most Brussels Griffons will recieve 1,500,000 FPD, 20 dogs/puppies of your choice, and a sturdy toys set.

*FREE images, used respectively, no credit required

FP images credited to the artist

Game Time

03:46am on May 23

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