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Versatile Group President: Bailey (#1448905)

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Welcome to the Versatile Casso Page!

Thank you so much for electing me President of the Versatile Casso! It means a lot! This month we are trying to get 1,763 Brussels Griffons. I know everybody is tired of Brussels Griffons, but this may be the last month if we reach our goal! If you have any questions, please contact me!

Goal: 1,763 Registered Griffons

Currently: 1,752

11 more to go!


For every Brussels Griffon that is registered, you will receive a prize! Please contact me when you register a Brussels Griffon or you can leave a comment on the post I made labelled "Brussels Griffon Registrations" and I will send you your prize as soon as possible. At the end of the month, the person that registers the most Brussels Griffons will receive $500000!


1 Brussels = 1 Krong

2 Brussels = 3 Puppy Food

3 Brussels = 1 Bed

4 Brussels = Leash and Collar

5 Brussels = 5 Dog Foods of your Choice

6 Brussels = 1 Dog of your Choice

7 Brussels = 10,000 FPD

8 Brussels = Training Kit of your Choice

9 Brussels = 15,000 FPD

10 Brussels = Sturdy Toy Set

Game Time

03:42pm on Feb 21

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