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Versatile Group President: Maggie (#1619235)

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Hello everybody! I am the president of the Versatile Casso, Pierce. This month, we shall be raising the number of registered Brussels Griffons! Goal Not Met: Brussels Griffon to 2,643 Registrations Current Brussels Griffon Registrations: 2,592 Come on guys! Let's bring their current registrations higher! We can do it! Learn more about a Brussels Griffon here: Purchase a Brussels Griffon here: PLEASE DO NOT RETIRE ANY BRUSSELS GRFFONS THIS MONTH TO KEEP THE NUMBER OF THEIR REGISTRATIONS HIGHER. For every Brussels Griffon you register, I will pay you 100 FPD! The user with the highest number of registered Brussels griffons will earn a pack of sturdy toys, a random critter, and 100,000 FPD! Please pm me with your registered Brussels griffon to earn your reward! NOTE: You may only earn your prize if you register a Brussels griffon THIS MONTH. Thanks for voting me for the Versatile Casso President! ~Pierce

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02:15pm on Aug 3

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