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Terriers Group President: Levi II (Magnolia Gardens) (#1452389)

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leaves background by James Pritchett
Norfolk Terrier by Franco Lautieri

The Norfolk Terrier was considered a drop-eared variety of the Norwich Terrier until 1964 when it was recognized as a breed in its own right. As their names suggest, the two breeds have roots in the east of England, possibly a combination of local terrier-type dogs, Irish Terriers, and various Scottish breeds. They were bred to deal with vermin on farms and though they are mostly companion dogs today, their standard still allows for “honourable scars from fair wear and tear.” The Norfolk’s rank as the smallest of working terriers is belied by its bravery and bolstered by its sturdy build. It is plenty big enough to confront any vermin foe… and knows it!

Breed Boost

Goal: 1,912/1,864
(updated Oct. 24)
Post your registrations here!

Every registration of a Norfolk Terrier will earn you $5,000; in addition, if we meet our goal, there will be extra prizes for top three most-registered and each registration will become a raffle ticket! Prizes will be as follows:

First: $150,000 + black krong + complete set of durable grooming items
Second: $50,000 + variety pack of sturdy toys + purple baby dragon
Third: $20,000 + set of regular grooming items

Raffle Prize:
1 FPP + 100 ancient stone carvings

So let's get busy registering! You can buy Norfolks from the store here and see what's available from other players here. And remember to lock your Norfolks, don't retire them!

Game Time

06:54am on Oct 25

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