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Terriers Group President: Levi || Harwood Estates (#1452389)

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Welcome to the Terriers Casso!

I'm Levi, your casso president for December.
Our breed to boost this month is the same as last month's, the Irish Terrier!
Prizes listed below will be accurate when the layout displays more wintry/seasonal colors and any reference to the Silky Terrier is removed, which should be by end of day December 1. Until then, get your dogs ready to register!

Irish Terrier

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- - - Registrations - - -
Current: 2,820 | Goal: 2,645
Let's keep the Silky boosted!
If we hit 2,800 registrations, everyone who participated
will have their name put into a raffle for 10 FPP!

- - - Initiatives - - -
Every dog registered; 10k
Every 10 dogs registered; 25k
Highest level dog; 50k

- - - Raffle - - -
Every dog registered will get you a ticket!
(One prize per person, and only if goal is met)
1st prize: 1 FPP, a bat treat, and a mystery item
2nd prize: 500k FPD, an owl treat, and a mystery item
3rd prize: 250k FPD, a small pumpkin, and a mystery item
4th prize: 150k FPD, a tall pumpkin, and a mystery item
5th prize: 100k FPD, a tall face jack-o-lantern, and a mystery item

Click here and link your registered dogs!

Game Time

12:24am on Dec 4

Welcome Guest

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