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Bull-Type Terriers Group President: Disturbed :) -TCK- (#1361028)

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Hey! First of all thanks for voting for me to be your president this month! This month’s breed is the miniature bull terrier! The Bull Terrier was created as a fighting dog in the 1830s by crossing Bulldogs with now-extinct English terriers. Soon after, breeders began work on a miniaturized version to use as above-ground ratters (as opposed to “go to ground” terriers, who burrow into the earth in search of quarry). The result of a very long trial-and- period was the Mini. Today’s Minis are companion dogs, but the ratter instinct and a protective streak remain as souvenirs of the breed’s formative years.(from AKC)



Images from AKC and are NOT mine Please don’t retire any mbts this month! Please lock them!!

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11:41pm on Dec 3

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