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Bull-Type Terriers Group President: IcyGlacier~7/40FPP (#1580448)

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Welcome to the Bull-Type Terrier Casso! I am this month’s president, IcyGlacier! Miniature Bull Terrier Facts - Wisdom Panel™ Dog Breeds

This month's goal is to get 5,269 Miniature Bull Terrier Registrations! Our current amount of registrations is 5,225! The Regestrations are going down by a lot! Please do not retire any Miniature Bull Terriers this month! Instead, please lock any that are approaching retiring age!

Prizes: 1st place: Baby dragon, 1x Snowflakes Foreground, $100,000 2nd place: Mean brown tabby, $100,000, 2 grapes 3rd place: Black Hamster, $50,000, 2 Lacrima Premium Beef & Rice! Other Prizes: For each Miniature Bull Terrier Registered [Dog must be linked to in the Topic to be counted] , I will send you $1,000FPD per dog at the end of the month.

To buy a new Miniature Bull Terrier, click here,

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Have fun!

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08:12pm on Jan 20

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