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Bull-Type Terriers Group President: Sarah (#1584593)

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Hello! I am this month’s president for the Bull-Type Terriers casso, Sarah! This month’s goal is to bring up the population of one of my personal favorites, the American Saffordshire Terrier! We need to bring this beautiful breed (commonly confused with the APBT) up to 5,017 registrations! I know we can do this. I am begging you, do NOT retire any this month, I really want our goal to be met! I will utilize this opportunity to educate others on the differences between “bully breeds” because many people still mislabel go this day. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day! I will most likely edit this more later. Breed post We are now 1 away from our goal! Keep it up. :)

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12:36pm on Aug 3

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