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Bull-Type Terriers Group President: Valari (#1407581)

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Welcome to the Bull-Type Terrier Casso! I am this month’s president, Lunara!

This month's goal is to get 5,288 Miniature Bull Terrier Registrations! Our current amount of registrations is 5,245! Just 43 more to go! The amount of Miniature Bull Terrier Registrations are going down! Please do not retire any Miniature Bull Terriers this month! Instead, please lock any that are approaching retiring age!

To help raise the amount of registrations, I will be giving out prizes for this month! Prizes: 1st place: Jeweled Blue Collar, Jeweled Blue Leash, $100,000 2nd place: Sturdy Toy Kit, Grapes Set, $75,000 3rd place: Your Choice Color Accessory Starter Kit, Starter Food Kit (one of every Lacrima and Puppy chow food), $50,000 Other Prizes: *Note* Dogs MUST be linked in the topic to be counted, otherwise I won’t know who’s dogs are registered. Please make sure to do this! For each Miniature Bull Terrier Registered,I will send you $1,000FPD per dog at the end of the month. Register as many Miniature Bull Terriers as you would like!!

To buy a new Miniature Bull Terrier, click here,

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Remember to link your dog into the topic above so it counts and have fun playing!

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01:09am on Apr 18

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