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Draught Group President: Falc- vote in your cassos! (#1312400)

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Alright guys! Sorry this took me so long to get up! First off, thank you all for voting me. I definitely encourage you all to vote in your casso!

Our current registrations are 3038/3102. Please don't retire any GSMDs.

For every dog that is registered you get 1000 FPD.

Most Registed Dogs

First place gets: 500k, three black krongs and this amazing character made by KP Konapaku.

Second Place gets: 250k, 2 black krongs, and a random booster

Third place gets: 75k, one black krong, and an ancient stone carving

highest level dog Gets 1 ancient fang.

Good job and thank you everyone!

Game Time

07:30pm on May 21

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