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Draught Group President: liliental (#1681861)

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Of November 2023!
My name is liliental (#1681861)
I will be your Casso President in December!
Thank you all for voting for me! I hope we can collectively reach our goal this month!

Who are the Draught Dogs?
A draft dog is a dog bred and traditionally used for pulling a dogcart, or in winter also for sled pulling. Dogs bred for this work have strong builds. Many Draught dogs are too mastiffs or of livestock guardian descent. EDAD6677-6-A6-E-4-FF7-98-F6-2-C8-F01983334
This month, let’s register Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs.
You can register your dogs HERE!
And then write them here HERE! to win prizes.

Game Time

04:43pm on Dec 3

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