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Draught Group President: Dog Haven~VoteInDraught! (#1425319)

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Hello, and thank you for your time! My name is Dog Haven (Cat for short :)) and this is the July Draught Breed Boost! (Sorry for the delay, as I ran into some technical problems)

This month we will be raising the Chinook to 2,949 registrations! We are currently at 2,896

What sets the Chinook apart from all other dogs? Chinooks were developed in New Hampshire in the early 1900s. They are a rare breed of sled dogs, known for being intelligent, dignified, and friendly

So, prizes! The fun part! Please be aware that in order to receive your prize you must PM me the links of your dog's. If they were born before June 25th, you must send me their links (unregistered) until I give you the go-ahead :)
2k per dog registered 10k extra when you register 5 dogs 20k extra when you register 10 dogs

500k for whoever registered the most Chinooks 200k for whoever registered the second most Chinooks 100k for whoever registered the third most Chinooks
And an additional 100k to whoever registers 30 dogs+

Game Time

02:30pm on Jul 20

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