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Draught Group President: Woof-Reg GSMD in Draught!<3 (#1613724)

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Of May 2023!
My name is Woof (#1613724)
and I will be your Casso President in May! Post Pups Here—Prizes!
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This is it guys - The DRAUGHT CASSO! I’ve been a president before, so this time I am determined to make this casso have even better prizes, and maybe a larger goal! Can we do it? PLEASE DO NOT RETIRE DOGS!
Who are the Draught Dogs?
A draft dog (also spelled draught dog) is a dog bred and traditionally used for pulling a dogcart, or in winter also for sled pulling. Dogs bred for this work have strong builds. Many Draught dogs are either mastiffs or of livestock guardian descent, both of which are dogs that are solidly-built. This year, our goal is to register many, many, GSMDs!
Tools & Links<Message me HERE
I can’t wait to run this casso with all of you this month, it’s going to be awesome! EDAD6677-6-A6-E-4-FF7-98-F6-2-C8-F01983334
This month, let’s register Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs to a whopping number! Already at 5.868/5.913!

Game Time

11:53pm on May 27

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