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Draught Group President: Sara - Breed Boost in Draught! (#1146852)

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Greater Swiss Mountain Dog July 2020 Draught Breed Boost
Thank you so much for voting for me! This is the first time I've ever been President so please bear with me ^^

July is my absolute favorite month, with the 4th of July and my birthday, so lets do this supersized breed boost with a BANG!

This months breed boost is to get 3,613 Registered Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs! We are starting out with 3,563 Registered so we only have 50 to go. I want to see us knock this one out of the park and hopefully not have to do them again for awhile, so every 100 over our goal the prizes will increase.

3640/3613 Dogs Registered!
Goal Met as of 7/5

*Note I don't have many entries, those 50 dogs that we got registered and met our goal with are unaccounted for, so please remember to enter to have a chance at some prizes! If you don't, your missing out on free money :)

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This Breed Boost is cross posted in both the casso and contest board, Please enter on only one of the posts.

Game Time

12:39pm on Jul 7

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