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Pointers/Setters Group President: Gracey (#1660137)

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Hey Guys! I'm Gracey! I am so surprised to be president for the month of March! I was not expecting it! Thank you for your votes! Our Goal For March Is...... The Gordon Setter!

Current registered amount- 3,506

We only need 45 more Gordon Setters!

Please don't retire any Gordon Setters this month! We don't want to loose our progress!

I think its time to start a contest!

How it works:

Every time you register a Gordon Setter, I will enter you into a drawing to win $100,000!

All you have to do is PM me the link to the dog you have registered, and I will place your name in a hat and have a drawing at the end of the month! You will have your name entered as many times as you register a Gordon Setter!

For example- if you register 10 Gordon Setters, I will put your name in the hat 10 times! The more Gordons you register, the better chance you'll have!

Dont worry if you dont win the drawing! I will be giving prizes out to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd highest Gordon Setter registers!

1st place prize=$50,000

2nd place prize=$25,000

3rd place prize=$12,500

Hurry! Get registering! There's not much time! The contest ends on March 28!

Message me here

Game Time

10:05am on Mar 23

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