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Pointers/Setters Group President: Crazy Cat (#1289686)

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Welcome to the Pointers/Setters Casso!

For the month of July, we are focusing on registering the Spinone Italiano! We need to get them to 1,711 registrations. There are great prizes for five people who have the most registered dogs from the purchase option (clicky). Dogs need to be born either this month or born as early as June 19th, 2018 as they'd be twelve days old on the first of this month. For more info on prizes and to let me know you've registered dogs, please click here.

We have met our goal! Thank you everybody! Please continue to register (and post) for a chance at the prizes. I'd like everybody who registers to have a chance at prizes.

Please don't retire any Spinone Italiano this month.

Game Time

03:59am on Jul 21

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