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Pointers/Setters Group President: pitbull lover *VOTE FOR ME* (#1558478)

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Hi! I'm pitbull lover. Our breed boost for the lovely month of December is the cute but tough Irish Setter. I have alot of them, you guys can purchase the puppies if you would like. There are also a few of pitbulls for public sale, or you can just purchase one from the pet home. I you tell me that you registered and show me the dog, I will give you a prize in the form of money, a free puppy, a free adoptable dog, a rare, a critter, a large quantity of bowls or beds, or I will buy one of your puppies or dogs. Also, plz don't retire your Irish Setters This month. I will take any unwanted pointers, so.... Thanks!

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01:50am on Jan 18

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