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Pointers/Setters Group President: Summy (#1583335)

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Welcome to the Pointers/Setters Casso!

Hi! Thank you all for choosing me as president :) I’m Summy, and I’m so excited for my first time being the pointers/setters president for July! This month, we are boosting the Large Munsterlander. Here is a website with some information about the breed.

HERE is the link to the breed boost.


GOAL MET: 2893/2867
It's only the 9th day of July, and we've met our goal! Thank you everyone!!


1500 FPD for every dog registered.

Prize for most registered:

1st - 1 FPP
2nd - 1,000,000 FPD
3rd - 200,000 FPD + set of sturdy toys

Prize for highest level:

50,000 FPD

Remember, please DO NOT retire any Large Munsterlanders, or the numbers will go down.

Please also post the links to each dog before you register them, so I can check that they were not registered a year ago or something. You can register them once I reply :)

Game Time

07:17pm on Jul 24

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