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Sight Hounds Group President: Shaleeta (#1403987)

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Hi, All! Happy New Year, and Welcome to the Sight Hounds Casso!

So, our breed this month will be the Scottish Deerhound--I understand that you may feel you are done with this breed, but our goal is small this month--just 39 registrations to go, and it's a great breed to have. We need to try to get to 2628 dogs registered this month! If we continue meeting our breed boost goal, we'll get a new breed boost dog before Spring.

The Scottish Deerhound is a large coursing dog, closely related and similar to the Wolfhound, but with a more delicate physique. They are gentle and kind, with overall excellent temperaments. They would be a wonderful choice to try breeding next!

If you aren’t sure, consider the prizes. You can find out more about these prizes in the sighthound forum.

All of the prizes are listed in the "January Breed Boost" topic--no matter what, we will have lots of prizes for the top three people with the most registered deerhounds. Like November, we will also have a draw, you will get 2000 back for each Scottish Deerhound registered, and there will be special prizes available. I'm still a little broke from the November Draw, so everything will be a little more Item heavy this time around, but still, super fun, with huge prizes!

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05:00am on Jan 22

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