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Thank You to those who have been registering Croatian Sheepdogs, but it has come to my attention that even though those people are registering dogs, the population number for the Croatian Sheepdog continues to go down. We need to get 1,926 registered by the end of the month. We currently have 1,887. Please try to bring that number up.
Welcome to Drovers!
Goal Not Met: Croatian Sheepdog to 1,926 Registrations
Current Croatian Sheepdog Registrations: 1,887
Hello! This month we need to get the Croatian Sheepdog up to 1,926 registrations! Right now there are currently 1,887 Croatian Sheepdogs registered. Let's meet this goal!!!
Here are the prizes!
For each Croatian Sheepdog you register you can get.... $5,000 FPD!!
The person to register the most Croatian Sheepdogs will get: $35,000 FPD, a Baby Green Dragon, and 2 training kits of my choice!
I've Got Quality Croatian Sheepdogs on
Please PM me after you register your dogs so that I can keep track of how many Croatian Sheepdogs have been registered.
Let's Go!!!
REMEMBER! Do NOT retire any Croatian Sheepdog this month!!!

Game Time

07:14pm on Apr 19

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