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Retrievers Group President: Kali (#1427708)

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Welcome to the Retriever Casso! I'm Izzy, and I’m the president of the December month. Our current breed in need is the Irish Water Spaniels, so don’t retire them! Our goal is 1,401 registrations for the Irish Water Spaniel! Message me when you register an Irish Water Spaniel, and at the end of my term, I will give you 5000 FPD for each registered dog! If you don’t message me, I will not be able to get you any money. I will also be giving out prizes for the most registered Irish Water Spaniels! The prize for most registered Irish Water Spaniels is 1,000,000 FPD! The prize for second most registered Irish Water Spaniels is 500,000 FPD! The prize for third most registered Irish Water Spaniels is 250,000 FPD! However, the most registered dog's prizes will not be handed out if the goal is not reached, so register those Irish Water Spaniels! Again, if you do not message me, you will not get any money. Currently, there are 1,355 registered Irish Water Spaniels. 46 left to go! Current standings: Shadow: 1st place + 40,000 FPD Dylan: 2nd place + 30,000 FPD Mags: 3rd place + 30,000 FPD Grace: 10,000 FPD Sage: 5,000 FPD Ella: 5,000 FPD

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05:00am on Jan 22

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