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Retrievers Group President: Emily ~ Register lots of IWS! (#1438303)

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Hello, fellow Fpians! I'm Emily (#1439303), your president for the month of April.

April's Breed Boost is for the Irish Water Spaniel (IWS). We need to get their registrations to 1575. We currently have 1538/1575 registered. We lost 14 registrations due to retiring! Please do not retire!

The prizes:

Most dogs registered: 1 FPP

Also, at the end of the month if you have registered at least 1 IWS, you will get a prize: (the dogs need to be born in April)

1 registered: 5 Barky Bites

10 registered: 20 combs (my choice of color) (not durable ones)

20 registered: A sturdy toy set

30 registered: 5 krong chews

40 registered: 60 bags of basic Lacrima (10 of ea. type)

50 registered: Any item under 50,000 FPD

100 registered: 1 FPP

There will also be a raffle. If you register at least 1 IWS, you will be entered in the raffle. Currently the jackpot is 150,000 FPD. But, as people register, the jackpot will get higher.

Message me whenever you register a dog, or it so I can keep track or it will not count.

I will send all prizes before May 5th.

If we do not make the goal, no one gets prizes :( So lets register, not retire! :)

REMEMBER: Please do not retire any IWS this month! Instead, lock them until the end of the month.

Click HERE for more!

Game Time

12:32am on Apr 20

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