Collie Cave

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Dogs Bred By Collie Cave

NA COCA Collie Cave Amiens Su (24HH)Border Collie155
For Public SaleCollie Cave Asher (6hh 7HH pp b lala)Border Collie176
For Public SaleCollie Cave Beam (10hh 3HH pp b Lla)Border Collie177
NT COCA Collie Cave Cherry Edition (24HH)Border Collie155
For Public SaleCollie Cave Dimma (5hh 6HH yy bb Ll)Border Collie176
NH COCA Collie Cave Ferrari Polka (24HH)Border Collie155
NH COCA Collie Cave Fonzie Star (24HH)Border Collie172
Collie Cave Happy Jungle (23HH)Border Collie161
For Public SaleCOCA Collie Cave Hilly (7hh 4HH Pp Ll)Border Collie177
Collie Cave Ice Ice Baby (22HH)Border Collie160
NH ND COCA Collie Cave Limited The Sky (24HH)Border Collie155
NFl NT COCA Collie Cave Lion Hearted (24HH)Border Collie172
Collie Cave Painted By Yu (24HH)Border Collie160
NH COCA Collie Cave Painted Edition (24HH)Border Collie155
For Public SaleCollie Cave Snowflake (6hh 7HH yy)Border Collie176
For Public SaleCollie Cave Tanya (5hh 4HH yy Lla)Border Collie177
Collie Cave Tiger Lily (23HH)Border Collie161
Collie Cave Tiger's Havin Fun (23HH)Border Collie161
Collie Cave TT Lady (23HH)Border Collie161
Collie Cave Woodland Beastie (22HH)Border Collie161
For Public SalePp Dd llBorder Collie171
Puppy 1Australian Shepherd154
Puppy 2Australian Shepherd152
Puppy 2Australian Shepherd154
Puppy 4Australian Shepherd152
Puppy 5Australian Shepherd152
Puppy 5Australian Shepherd154
Puppy 5Border Collie161
Puppy 7Border Collie161
Puppy 9 20HHBorder Collie152
For Public SalePyBorder Collie171
Py Bb Ayat lalaBorder Collie169
Py Dd LlaBorder Collie169
For Public SalePy lalaBorder Collie169
For Public SalePy sale DdBorder Collie176
SELL PpBorder Collie165
SELL PpBorder Collie165
SELL PyBorder Collie164
SELL PyBorder Collie164
SELL yyBorder Collie165
For Public SaleSELL yyBorder Collie165
SELL yyBorder Collie164
SELL yyBorder Collie164
SELL yyBorder Collie164
For Public SaleCOCA SELL yy bbBorder Collie152
For Public SaleyyBorder Collie171
For Public SaleyyBorder Collie171
yy Bb lalaBorder Collie169
LockedExFl COCA "Klara" 24HH/4E/LlaBorder Collie3985
LockedNCFr COCA "R Kal [24HH - 2xstm] 1.075Australian Cattle Dog4898
LockedNCH COCA "R Lynx [24HH] 1.033Australian Cattle Dog5197
LockedIPnA *NO* (4hh 9HH Pp lala)Border Collie1063
LockedFor Public SaleExH COCA (Chocolate and White w/ Red points and Ticking) kk Ee bb DD slsl atat sisp mm rr Tt Ccw gg uu LlaBorder Collie3488
LockedFor StudGCH JPnFl COCA 123 *HERDING* MaxBorder Collie4683
LockedGCH NA COCA 123 *HERDING* Po 1Border Collie4889
LockedFor StudGCA COCA 22HH BlueBorder Collie3798
LockedNCH COCA 24HH lala 1.153 stmstm stmstmBorder Collie5492
LockedMH NFl COCA 24HH NoraBorder Collie3053
LockedAPnH Aki Yan (Fawn/W 24HH red merle LL)Australian Shepherd1024
LockedCOCA ALTA 4hh 4HH pp b sw LlaBorder Collie142
LockedMH COCA Asa Of Borders WorldBorder Collie2441
LockedNCH KoiKn AuroSkye's Safe And Sound (23HH)Border Collie5594
LockedFor StudCOCA BADGER 8hh 10HH yy lalaBorder Collie157
LockedAPnH COCA Becca ****Border Collie1130
LockedCOCA BETTS 16HH Py bb d LlaBorder Collie136
LockedBOLTA 5hh 7HH yy b sw LlBorder Collie144
LockedCOCA BRAVE 14HH Py b d M lalaBorder Collie142
LockedIPnFr COCA Bren's in the Knick of TimeBoxer815
LockedCOCA CANDY 2hh 11HH Pp M LlaBorder Collie157
LockedNM COCA Cash (24HH)Border Collie214
LockedFor StudCOCA CASS 20HH Py bb dd LLBorder Collie142
LockedChH JPnM COCA Cave Collie Kwik Mewtwo's Girl (23HH)Border Collie4593
LockedMO CerafinaGerman Shepherd Dog2943
LockedAH COCA Chase (23HH) EEEEBorder Collie1843
LockedJASc JXSMB Chevy stmint stmagi GGGG FawnW(I)BlackSaddleMaskGerman Shepherd Dog1732
LockedJPnFl COCA Chocolate with Red Points 24HHBorder Collie621
LockedCOCA CLARY 2hh 7HH Pp M lalaBorder Collie149
LockedCOCA CLASH 5hh 7HH pp M LlaBorder Collie149
LockedFor StudCOCA CODY 1hh 15HH Pp bb sw M llaBorder Collie145
LockedJPnFl JAH COCA Collie Cave Tonks Special Dream (24HH)Australian Cattle Dog1736
LockedMFl COCA Collie Cave Cooperly (23HH)Australian Cattle Dog3061
LockedMFr NH COCA Collie Cave Crazy For This Guy (24HH)Australian Shepherd3157
LockedPnP COCA Collie Cave Fire Girl von MihajlovicBorder Collie1019
LockedMH COCA Collie Cave Foxy Loxy 24HH EEEE lalaAustralian Shepherd2855
LockedAA NFl COCA Collie Cave Hooligan Sparrow (23HH)Australian Cattle Dog1938
LockedJPnH ChA COCA Collie Cave I Am Kiwi (24HH)Border Collie4393
LockedAPnH ANA COCA Collie Cave Redbeard (24HH)Australian Cattle Dog1426
LockedCollie Cave Starbucks (7hh 8HH pp bb Ll)Border Collie157
LockedAH ANA COCA Collie Cave Stealing Clouds (24HH)Australian Cattle Dog1836
LockedPnH NP COCA Collie Cave Valeria (24HH)Australian Cattle Dog1121
LockedJAA ANT COCA Collie Cave Yupy Hey (23HH)Australian Cattle Dog1529
LockedJAH ANA COCA Collie Cave Zoom Zoom Girl (22HH)Australian Cattle Dog1629
LockedCCT COCA ConnorAustralian Cattle Dog5996
LockedNH COCA Cream and White (Irish) with Black Saddle and MaskBorder Collie111
LockedCOCA CREAMY 3hh 7HH Pp bb lalaBorder Collie157
LockedCOCA CUBA 6hh 10HH Pp b M lalaBorder Collie145
LockedCOCA CURRY 15HH pp M LlBorder Collie141
LockedCOCA CZECH 5hh 6HH Pp sw M LlaBorder Collie145
LockedGCH COCA DaisyShetland Sheepdog4165
LockedASc COCA Dawn (Fawn with blue saddle and mask female)German Shepherd Dog2346
LockedJAH COCA DeeBorder Collie1466
LockedJPnFl COCA DeltaBorder Collie615
LockedCOCA DENIM 3hh 11HH Py dd LLBorder Collie136
LockedMA COCA DestyGreenland Dog2763
LockedFor StudIPnFl COCA DreamboatBorder Collie718
LockedCOCA DUSK 6hh 4HH Py b swsw LlBorder Collie145
LockedFor StudChH COCA EEEE 24HH Isabella Merle and White (Irish) with TickingBorder Collie3896
LockedANH COCA EEEE 24HH WindyBorder Collie534
LockedCOCA FANNY 4hh 8HH Pp b sw LlBorder Collie149
LockedAH COCA Fionnuala (24HH)Border Collie2157
LockedCOCA FLICKA 4hh 8HH pp bb sw llaBorder Collie151
LockedCOCA FRU 17HH Py bb d M lalaBorder Collie135
LockedCOCA GAIA 18HH Py bb dd M lalaBorder Collie141
LockedFor StudMH COCA GaineamhSmooth Collie2976
LockedAP JPnH COCA GG (24HH)Australian Cattle Dog1631
LockedCOCA GIMME 20HH Py bb LLBorder Collie140
LockedAPnA COCA GlencoeWest Highland White Terrier1024
LockedCOCA GRIN 6hh 3HH py b sw lalaBorder Collie139
LockedFor StudCOCA GYP 4hh 5HH yy b sw lalaBorder Collie151
LockedCOCA HACHI 3hh 11HH Py bb d LLBorder Collie141
LockedCOCA HARRIET 4hh 7HH Py b sw LlaBorder Collie149
LockedCOCA HARRIS 21HH Py bb d M LlaBorder Collie135
LockedAFr COCA HelixBorder Collie2452
LockedAPnFr COCA Ice (B/merle tan 24HH EEEE choco dilute Lla)Border Collie921
LockedNCS COCA IgalukGreenland Dog3882
LockedIPnH COCA Isa (24HH)Australian Shepherd616
LockedJPnH COCA Jack (24HH)Border Collie621
LockedFor StudJAH Jack FrostBorder Collie1555
LockedCOCA JINNY 2hh 10HH yy b LlaBorder Collie145
LockedPnT COCA JohnnyBorder Collie923
LockedFor StudAH COCA JokuBorder Collie1865
LockedCOCA JOLLY 3hh 6HH yy sw LlaBorder Collie151
LockedFor Private SalePnT COCA K Bean (24)Border Collie1022
LockedJPnA JAH COCA Katie (24HH)Australian Cattle Dog1426
LockedJAH COCA Keira (B/W cream tan 23HH red Ll)Border Collie1333
LockedFor StudCOCA KENNETH 6hh 6HH pp bb sw llaBorder Collie151
LockedCOCA KIN 3hh 9HH Pp d sw M LLBorder Collie142
LockedGCH COCA KonaAustralian Cattle Dog4089
LockedCOCA KONA 4hh 6HH Pp bb LlBorder Collie145
LockedExH COCA Lady Luck (24HH LL)Border Collie3578
LockedMFl COCA LailaSmooth Collie2748
LockedMH COCA Lego (24HH)Border Collie2285
LockedCOCA LEO 1hh 18HH Py bb dd LlaBorder Collie139
LockedMH COCA Lester's Longest DayAustralian Cattle Dog2772
LockedMH COCA Lexis (Isa) -EEEE- !24 HH!Border Collie2769
LockedMFl MT COCA LeylaBorder Collie3062
LockedCCFl JPnH COCA LiamAustralian Cattle Dog5296
LockedNFr COCA Liberty (24HH) EEEE isabellaBorder Collie16
LockedCOCA LIBERTY 12HH Pp d M LlaBorder Collie141
LockedJPnA Life Long Merle (NOT FOR SALE)Border Collie626
LockedMH JPnFl COCA LilithSmooth Collie3053
LockedCOCA LILY 2hh 10HH py M LlaBorder Collie141
LockedNCFr COCA Lord of the Rings 1.040xBorder Collie4199
LockedIPnFr COCA LucindaSmooth Collie613
LockedANP JAO COCA Lumpa (24HH)Australian Cattle Dog1531
LockedAFl MBFk Lucky StrikeBorder Collie2457
LockedCOCA MEG 7hh 9HH py b swsw LlBorder Collie139
LockedIPnA COCA Merling Bliss - 22HHBorder Collie719
LockedFor StudCOCA MESH 18HH Py b d M LLBorder Collie140
LockedCOCA MEYA 2hh 11HH yy bb d sw LlaBorder Collie142
LockedGCFl ChA COCA Mikka (24HH)Australian Cattle Dog52100
LockedFor StudCOCA MONS 16HH Py bb dd M LlaBorder Collie141
LockedIPnH COCA Morning Star [24HH]Border Collie815
LockedNT COCA My Dreams Have Turned to TeardropsAustralian Cattle Dog18
LockedCOCA NIKE 6hh 4HH pp sw M LlaBorder Collie151
LockedCOCA NIMB 5hh 6HH yy sw lalaBorder Collie145
LockedCOCA NOBY 1hh 8HH yy b lalaBorder Collie142
LockedJPnH COCA Oceanic SkyBorder Collie517
LockedJAFl COCA OUATs The Cricket GameGerman Shepherd Dog1640
LockedFor StudCOCA PARIS 6hh 4HH yy bb swsw llBorder Collie144
LockedExH COCA PippaAustralian Cattle Dog3267
LockedMH COCA Praline Of Borders WorldBorder Collie2336
LockedAA Lust' Py lalaBorder Collie1645
LockedFor StudQUIZZ 3hh 5HH pp b M LLBorder Collie144
LockedAH COCA Red (24HH lala agi cha spd2)Mudi2453
LockedCOCA REES 6hh 9HH pp b M LlaBorder Collie142
LockedAPnW COCA Reindeer Spin EEEEGerman Shepherd Dog918
LockedGCH COCA Remi (24HH)Australian Cattle Dog4897
LockedAFr COCA Rick (24HH)Border Collie2379
LockedNCH COCA Risked Life 1.025xBorder Collie4199
LockedAH COCA River Monster - GEGG*8HH/4hhBorder Collie1428
LockedCOCA RONJA 2hh 7HH Pp bb LlBorder Collie156
LockedWCH COCA Rough Collie FemaleRough Collie4892
LockedFor StudWCH COCA Rough Collie MaleRough Collie4692
LockedJMA JAT COCA Royal's Jessica {lla 0902 GEGE}Australian Cattle Dog3068
LockedExH COCA Sail Away *5* *8*Border Collie3761
LockedNSc SallyGerman Shepherd Dog322
LockedASc Sally (blue female)German Shepherd Dog2346
LockedFor Public SaleJAH COCA Sapphire(24HH)Border Collie1577
LockedMT COCA SashaGreenland Dog2776
LockedCOCA SASHA 9hh 4HH Py swsw LlaBorder Collie145
LockedCOCA SCOOBYDOO 3hh 6HH yy lalaBorder Collie157
LockedSELL PpBorder Collie145
LockedCOCA SHONE 8hh 6HH Pp bb M lalaBorder Collie142
LockedPnH COCA SimonBorder Collie9101
LockedAPnFl COCA SophieBorder Collie1020
LockedChH COCA Spanish Moss' Sweet Dreams 24Border Collie4166
LockedCOCA STAR 4hh 8HH yy bb d lalaBorder Collie136
LockedAH COCA Star in the ShilohRough Collie2437
LockedMH COCA Sticks 'n Stones Of Borders WorldBorder Collie2641
LockedNT Summer Light's Caven 7HHBorder Collie115
LockedPnH COCA SunriseBorder Collie1167
LockedMH COCA SweetheartBorder Collie3172
LockedCOCA SWIRL 4hh 8HH yy LlBorder Collie157
LockedCCH COCA Take It Easy 1.093XBorder Collie4499
LockedCOCA TESS 2hh 10HH yy b d lalaBorder Collie136
LockedFor StudAFl COCA TintinBorder Collie2685
LockedFor StudAH COCA Troy (24HH EEEE b/w red choco tan cream LL)Border Collie2057
LockedCOCA TROY 1hh 17HH Py bb d MM LlaBorder Collie138
LockedChH COCA Twilight ShadowBorder Collie3361
LockedNP COCA VylaGreat Dane18
LockedAT COCA WaihaneAustralian Cattle Dog2363
LockedChH COCA Whispering Wind 1.043xBorder Collie3176
LockedCOCA WILDE 3hh 8HH py bb d LLBorder Collie139
LockedFor Public SaleCOCA WINDY 6hh 7HH yy lalaBorder Collie156
LockedExA COCA Winter is ComingGreenland Dog2972
LockedFor StudAH COCA Wolf Friend WildBorder Collie2269
LockedFor StudMH COCA Yeah (24HH)Border Collie3052
LockedAH COCA YinYang Of Borders WorldBorder Collie2133
LockedCOCA YOLA 4hh 7HH pp LlaBorder Collie151
LockedAFl COCA ZBorder Collie2666
LockedCOCA ZELDA 2hh 14HH Py bb d M lalaBorder Collie141
LockedChH COCA Ziggy Of Borders WorldBorder Collie3354
LockedCOCA ZOE 6hh 9HH Pp bb LlaBorder Collie151
AH ** DREAMWORKS Dana to Bordertreowe **Border Collie203049
MA ** Eager Eagle **Border Collie273065
MH COCA *~A~* AuroSkye's Dream In Cream (24HH)Border Collie272859
JAH *~A~* AuroSkye's Universe (Fawn/White.I/Black Sable/Ticking) 24HH/EEEEBorder Collie123080
MH COCA *~A~* AuroSkye's Wild West (24HH)Border Collie222842
AFl ChH /// *~A~* AuroSkye's Even Star (24HH)Border Collie322960
MH COCA /// *~A~* AuroSkye's Golden Sun (24HH)Border Collie222836
ChH /// *~A~* AuroSkye's King Of Thunder (24HH)Border Collie342925
AH COCA /// *~A~* AuroSkye's Lighter Skies (24HH)Border Collie172829
ExH /// *~A~* AuroSkye's Six Wonders (24HH)Border Collie282951
GCH COCA /// *~A~* AuroSkye's Snow Tiger (24HH)Border Collie422868
MH COCA /// *~A~* AuroSkye's The End (24HH)Border Collie242856
ChH COCA /// *~A~* AuroSkye's Winter Frost (24HH)Border Collie362863
NH COCA /int140Border Collie12212
NCA MT 06 Hollywood BabylonBorder Collie453034
NCH NFl COCA 123 *HERDING* TaabuBorder Collie552249
MH COCA 15HH 1hh Ee atat cchcch WrenAustralian Cattle Dog302186
PnA COCA 22HHBorder Collie112084
WCH WCFl COCA 22HH/stm158Border Collie732149
ExH COCA 23HH (Black and White w/ cream points) kk Ee Bb DD slsl atat sisi mm rr tt cecw gg uu LlaBorder Collie362795
AFr COCA 24HH Choc (Kk bb Ssi)Border Collie171772
NH 24HH 4E & BbBorder Collie23115
MH COCA 24HH Fawn and White (Irish) with TickingBorder Collie292841
MH COCA 24HH Kk Ee Bb DD Cce Lla 3STMBorder Collie271932
AH COCA 24HH lala stmx2Border Collie242321
NCH COCA 24HH LL EEEE stmstm strint [Black and white]Border Collie492232
AH COCA 24HH Timber RidgeBorder Collie20670
GCA :Dangerous Liasons __ 24-0 (Black)Border Collie393127
GCA :Devil's Darkness __ 24-0 (Black)Border Collie373127
NCH :Fading to Black __ 24-0 (Blk/w.Red Pts.)Border Collie403124
NCH :Fiery Emotions __ 24-0 (Red)Border Collie403143
GCT :Solid Gold Hit __ 24-0Border Collie383118
WCH COCA A Dream of Death [int stm]Border Collie542806
NCA A Merry Mixture __ 23-0Border Collie413142
NH COCA Abby (23HH)Australian Cattle Dog12444
NCH COCA Acapulco (24HH)Border Collie412829
ChH COCA AG (24HH)Border Collie392557
PnH COCA Aika (24HH)Shetland Sheepdog102494
MSh COCA Akc 18.13 Cocoa (24HH) M’EPapillon32561
GCFl COCA Alfie (22HH)Australian Cattle Dog452427
GCH AA COCA AliceAustralian Cattle Dog452024
JAH COCA Alice (24HH)Australian Shepherd152416
NFT AlkVizsla13214
AH COCA Alya (16HH)Australian Cattle Dog211595
ANA Amber in the HoneyBorder Collie41730
ChH COCA AngelicaSmooth Collie452204
MH Anne (24HH)Border Collie233063
GCA COCA Apa (21HH)Australian Cattle Dog482299
MH IPnFr COCA AprilAustralian Cattle Dog35600
NA Aragorn (24HH)Labrador Retriever13133
GCA COCA Araina 24HHBorder Collie471400
GCH ArmanBorder Collie372966
PnFl AsBorder Collie93296
ChH COCA As (24HH)Tri-Color w/Cream PointsRough Collie352869
GCH COCA Ashes of Eden - 24HH - Outcross!Border Collie521642
MH COCA Awy (GEEE)Australian Cattle Dog312505
NH Ayla (24HH)Australian Shepherd13113
MH B&W - Bb 24HH EEEE LL (Lottie)Border Collie223175
GCA NCFl COCA Baby 24HH-EEEE spdx2 llaAustralian Cattle Dog552081
NFr BarbyVizsla13213
AH Beautiful trickeryBorder Collie193156
JAT COCA Bee (23HH)Border Collie142505
WCH Best of the BestSmooth Collie503036
WCH Best ŠjaSmooth Collie493050
APnH BibiBorder Collie103297
JAH COCA BingoBorder Collie162773
WCFr COCA Black / 24HH / Lla / 2stm / 2agi - Age 41 freezeBorder Collie562634
CCH COCA Black and White (Irish) || 24HH|| LlaBorder Collie502232
ANH Bliss (24HH)Border Collie32828
NH Bloom (24HH)Border Collie13131
JPnA COCA BlotchAustralian Cattle Dog72386
AT Blue (24HH)Border Collie213113
AH COCA Blue (24HH)Shetland Sheepdog182507
CCO Santi Blue Dawned Days 1.190xGerman Shepherd Dog522113
MH COCA Bonnie (24HH)Australian Cattle Dog292350
ChH COCA Bree 22HH mm CC *Border Collie432609
NP COCA Brown SugarAustralian Cattle Dog12331
IPnT COCA Bud (24HH)Shetland Sheepdog92494
MH COCA Caisey (21HH)Australian Cattle Dog312500
NRO Candy (24HH)Maltese13139
NH Cape Of Our HeroAustralian Shepherd13051
NH CassBorder Collie33346
ChH CatalinaBorder Collie342991
CCFl COCA Celtic's Queen of DiamondsGreyhound571335
APnH ChessBorder Collie103296
JAM COCA Chewie (24HH)Border Collie172586
CCH COCA Chilli [24HH - 4xstm] 1.062Australian Cattle Dog562208
MRO COCA Choco 8HH NBIrish Setter312066
NCSh COCA Chocolate BrownieIrish Setter551478
CCRO COCA Chocolate CookieIrish Setter551478
CCH COCA Chocolate Merle and White (Piebald) 21HHBorder Collie502730
NH COCA Cindy (24HH)Shetland Sheepdog12488
IPnH ClideBorder Collie73186
WCH COCA Cocktail MixBorder Collie671546
GCA COCA Codex 24HHBorder Collie451400
MH COCA Collie Cane`s Whistle For MeBorder Collie282584
IPnFl APnH COCA Collie Cave A New LizaPuli142313
JPnT Collie Cave Blue SkyBorder Collie53244
JPnH Collie Cave Canen LynnBorder Collie53244
PnFl Collie Cave Chose a ChocolateBorder Collie93252
NFl NFr COCA Collie Cave CindyPuli12301
AH COCA Collie Cave Dusty (FGEG)Border Collie201736
NH Collie Cave Fire in My EyesBorder Collie13240
Collie Cave Fun Out Of Limits (24HH)Border Collie12001
NA Collie Cave Gold TwixSmooth Collie13242
CCH NCT COCA Collie Cave Hexi HitBorder Collie661927
GCA COCA Collie Cave Hooligans NannahAustralian Cattle Dog482255
PnFl Collie Cave I'm The StarBorder Collie83251
NCH APnFl COCA Collie Cave IngySmooth Collie502188
PnH COCA Collie Cave LevyPuli112232
NCT JPnA COCA Collie Cave MariposaSmooth Collie522188
NH NA COCA Collie Cave MedoPuli12301
COCA Collie Cave Mila (7hh 6HH Pp b lala)Border Collie11736
APnH JPnA COCA Collie Cave MimayaPuli132313
IPnH NFl COCA Collie Cave NixiPuli102232
ANFl Collie Cave Red FocusBorder Collie43244
NRO Collie Cave Roaned CallistoBorder Collie13238
NA Collie Cave Run for My LoveRough Collie13239
NH Collie Cave Special BoySmooth Collie13240
PnFl Collie Cave StarlightBorder Collie73249
NFl Collie Cave Story of YouBorder Collie13239
JPnFl JPnA Collie Cave Twix LoverSmooth Collie83254
NH Collie Cave Xoxo (7hh 6HH Pp lala)Border Collie31735
NFl Collie Cave You're My WishSmooth Collie13242
GCH COCA Collin [24HH lala 1.235]Border Collie502275
NH CookieBorder Collie11728
CCA Créme BruléeBorder Collie433309
CRES 10hh 2HH yy bb swsw LlBorder Collie11210
ChFl COCA CyraBorder Collie422613
NO COCA Dandy (24HH)Border Collie12488
IPnH COCA Danny (22HH)Australian Cattle Dog82477
AH COCA DeeDee (23HH)Australian Cattle Dog202477
ChT COCA Dina [23]Australian Cattle Dog432319
APnFr DingoBorder Collie83294
JAH DixiBorder Collie113092
Dixi (EEEE 20HH)Border Collie13188
DixieBorder Collie11735
ChA COCA DogBorder Collie441860
AH JPnFl COCA DrifterBorder Collie262136
ChH COCA E.L's My London Bridge Wanna Fall Down LikeAustralian Shepherd412605
JAH EagerBorder Collie133064
Edie (22HH)Border Collie12994
MT EdmundGerman Shepherd Dog401459
NH ANFl COCA EEEEAustralian Cattle Dog71958
ExT COCA EEEE lala SPD/INT SPD/SPD BWAustralian Shepherd342429
NCS COCA Elder Behemoth's BreezeGreenland Dog342828
NA ElisaGreenland Dog33193
AH Éomer (24HH)Border Collie182968
NH Éomer (24HH)Border Collie12823
JPnA NH EvanBorder Collie43283
ExFT COCA Evil Deeds NBIrish Setter312066
NT ExoGerman Shepherd Dog11736
AFl FangIcelandic Sheepdog152932
ANFl FeeBorder Collie33284
ChH COCA Fee (24HH)Border Collie372544
ChH COCA FinnBorder Collie432246
APnH COCA Flow (23HH)Border Collie122731
AFl Focus (24HH)Border Collie163163
ANT RWTS FortuneBorder Collie71401
JAA COCA FoxyAustralian Cattle Dog142470
MH Foxy Cho 24HH ce sisp Lla 41Border Collie293026
AFl COCA FrostBorder Collie201982
MH Frosty Rd 24HH Isa sisw LlaBorder Collie283032
NFr NFl GemmaHavanese13197
CCFr George (24HH)Border Collie393253
AH COCA Ginny (22HH)Australian Cattle Dog182471
GCH GL's Love is on Fire - RomanceBorder Collie403083
NCP GCO COCA Glo 24HH-EEEE agix2 lalaAustralian Cattle Dog562084
JAM COCA HatiBorder Collie152016
NCH COCA Hazel (23HH)Australian Cattle Dog481984
ChH HeartIcelandic Sheepdog353290
JPnH IPnFl COCA Heart BreakerBorder Collie102274
MFl COCA HeathBorder Collie322805
GCA WiHe Heatherland Royal LuckyBorder Collie482349
GCA COCA HeavenAustralian Cattle Dog462338
ExH HillaBorder Collie283335
GCH GCT COCA HK (23HH)Australian Cattle Dog551982
NCH Holly (24HH)Border Collie403250
ChT COCA Holly (24HH)Border Collie372548
Icy (24HH)American White Shepherd13133
CCT Imagine The PlanetsBorder Collie403139
IPnH COCA Ink like Black StarBorder Collie92698
NA Iris (21HH)Australian Cattle Dog12466
AH COCA IvyBorder Collie202744
MH COCA Ivy (22HH 0hh)Border Collie251977
AH COCA JennieBorder Collie212695
MA COCA Jenny (23HH)Australian Cattle Dog262489
ChFl JPnH COCA JimmyBorder Collie432188
WCH PnA COCA KaiaPuli561073
ChT AFl COCA KamrenPuli44534
AH COCA Kappa(24HH)Border Collie172120
GCP GCO COCA Kayla (23HH)Australian Cattle Dog521981
GCH COCA KenBorder Collie422785
NH Kili (24HH)Border Collie12824
NO KimBorder Collie13278
AH COCA King of the SeaBorder Collie192881
GCH COCA Kix (24HH)Border Collie432815
NCH COCA KodiLain's Black Irish CreamBorder Collie472238
PnH ChA COCA Kute NebulaBorder Collie442130
JPnFl MH COCA LaikaBorder Collie302093
APnRO SzO's Lara (24HH)Maltese122331
Lego (24HH)Labrador Retriever13134
CCH COCA Liam (24HH)Border Collie542614
ChFr GCH COCA Lil (24HH)Australian Cattle Dog521766
NCFl COCA Lila [24HH] 1.053Australian Cattle Dog522208
MT COCA Lily (24HH)Australian Cattle Dog232338
NCRO COCA Little Ray of Sun {47}Australian Cattle Dog481826
MH COCA Lizzy (24HH)Border Collie342034
WCH LooxAustralian Shepherd483045
AP RBank LunaBorder Collie191736
GCH COCA Lynn (24HH)Border Collie422808
ChFl COCA MachaonBorder Collie362278
ChH IPnFl COCA Macho (23HH)Border Collie462196
ChA MagicBorder Collie303274
JPnFl male5Border Collie63005
JPnT *NO* MaxBorder Collie81724
MH Medo (24HH)Border Collie262876
MH Medu GEEGBorder Collie243144
CCH COCA Mee [24HH LL 1.148]Border Collie542721
JPnFr COCA Merry (10/2) GEEGVizsla72723
NCH COCA Mess (24HH)Border Collie422828
MH COCA Mess (24HH)Border Collie351894
COCA Micky (24HH)Border Collie12587
ChH COCA MicroBorder Collie382818
AH COCA MikaBorder Collie232725
ExH COCA Mikaela 24HHBorder Collie282767
PnH COCA Miki (22HH)Australian Cattle Dog102454
NT Miksi (21HH)Border Collie43160
IPnFl COCA MiracleBorder Collie82100
ExH Miss Eva (Chocolate)Border Collie313265
NCH SzO's Mitch (23HH)Australian Cattle Dog531985
NCFl COCA Mitch (24HH)Australian Cattle Dog492223
JPnH ExP COCA Moccona (EEEE, 20HH)Australian Cattle Dog441888
JPnH Monty (22HH)Border Collie63161
AH JPnFl COCA MoonAustralian Shepherd251222
JAH NA COCA moon shimmer (23HH)Border Collie162225
My BooBorder Collie11730
MH BSK MyraBorder Collie322805
PnH MyrtleBorder Collie103348
CCA Narnia (24HH)Border Collie413236
NH COCA Neesha (24HH)Border Collie12587
AO COCA New Chance (24HH)Border Collie301857
NCH COCA nightchaser (24HH-EEEE/lla)Australian Cattle Dog531981
NCFr NinjaBorder Collie363136
AH Noa (24HH)Border Collie183164
ExH COCA Not DamagedBorder Collie432182
MH JPnFl COCA OkeeSmokeBorder Collie282234
On (24HH)Border Collie12994
JPnA Once Upon A Time [24HH] Lla EEEBorder Collie53128
CCH One(24HH)Border Collie403089
AH ExA COCA Oscar (23HH) Roaned Black and White (Extreme Piebald) with Tan PointsAustralian Cattle Dog372416
OverBorder Collie13154
APnA COCA Pan (23HH)Border Collie112498
JPnH AFl COCA Pascals TwilightBorder Collie192266
ChFr SzO's PennyAustralian Shepherd402045
MT COCA PheonixSmooth Collie35666
AA COCA PhoebeBorder Collie271791
ChH COCA Pink RabbitsBorder Collie392686
APnH COCA Pippa (23HH)Australian Cattle Dog122459
AT COCA Pippa (24HH)Australian Cattle Dog212333
AH BUCK* Play It AgainAustralian Cattle Dog212159
MH COCA PollyBorder Collie262540
NA PopBorder Collie11730
JAH Pot PieBorder Collie123310
NH Puppy 6Icelandic Sheepdog13209
NSh COCA Puppy 6Smooth Collie12739
JPnH ChFl COCA QuiAustralian Cattle Dog412085
ChH QuintinaBorder Collie353163
APnH Ready for WinnBorder Collie103256
Red (24HH)Border Collie13122
NH Red (24HH)Border Collie12857
NT COCA Red and White (Irish) with Black Saddle and Ticking 22HHBorder Collie12631
MH SzO's Ree 20HH LlAustralian Cattle Dog342291
JPnSc SWMR ReilyGerman Shepherd Dog91626
NH COCA Reni (23HH)Australian Cattle Dog12447
ExH COCA Reni (24HH)Border Collie371916
APnA NFl COCA RetiredBorder Collie142442
ARO COCA Ricky (24HH)Maltese202341
ExFl COCA Rika (24HH)Border Collie302904
NH Rika (24HH)Border Collie12823
GCT RingoBorder Collie393199
MH COCA Ringo (20HH)English Shepherd382740
JPnH COCA Ris (24HH)Border Collie62494
ExT COCA Rise Of The PhoenixBorder Collie361674
JAA COCA Robin (23HH)Border Collie162508
PnH RockBorder Collie102848
ExH Ron (24HH)Border Collie303067
NCP COCA Roo (20HH)Australian Cattle Dog462222
WCH COCA Running the CourseBorder Collie622709
MH COCA S"ummit" 24HH 4EAustralian Cattle Dog302333
ChH COCA Sam 24HH mm cecw *Border Collie422563
SanyaGreenland Dog13187
AH COCA Sasha (24HH)Border Collie172735
CCRO Shah (24HH)Papillon512798
NW ShahazarGolden Retriever13171
IPnFl COCA Shahazar (24HH)Border Collie72438
AH COCA ShastaAustralian Cattle Dog252738
NW ShawneeGolden Retriever13171
JAH JPnFl COCA ShedBorder Collie172227
WCFl MH Shetland Sheepdog 01Shetland Sheepdog493336
ChH COCA Shira (21HH)Border Collie372545
GCT GCFr COCA Shiva (24HH)Australian Cattle Dog54665
ExH COCA Sil (24HH)Border Collie302902
NCH COCA Silent Whisper (24HH)Border Collie482775
JAA SilverGreenland Dog103048
ExH COCA Silvery GirlBorder Collie332816
MH COCA Simple Man - 24HH - Outcross!Border Collie301687
ChH COCA SiriBorder Collie442305
JAA ELKM SkittlesAustralian Cattle Dog172381
GCT Sky (23HH)Border Collie363219
NCH Soft To The Touch - SilkBorder Collie433130
PnH SzO's Sonny (23HH)Australian Cattle Dog102455
PnFl NCA COCA Special Little Goalies (24HH) {1.333} ~100Days~Australian Shepherd651339
WCO Speed [24HH]Rough Collie472911
MT COCA Speedy JetplaneBorder Collie312718
JAH StripeyBorder Collie151702
ExA COCA SuzieBorder Collie322691
MH JPnFl COCA SvitBorder Collie332253
WCH Sweet Bambi EEEE 24HH (Fawn(Merle)/White/w.Blue Sable)Border Collie482990
AA COCA SydneyAustralian Cattle Dog231780
GCH COCA Sykes (24HH)Australian Cattle Dog442309
GCH COCA Take Me By the HandBorder Collie472743
CCH Test Subject - Successful. No BreedingBorder Collie432911
NCH The Exile - RivenBorder Collie443126
JPnT COCA The First DoctorBorder Collie81735
WCH COCA The Old Age of Queen MaeveBorder Collie592072
NCH The Vain Queen - CassiopeiaBorder Collie433138
NT COCA Thora (24HH)Border Collie12587
GCH COCA Tiara (24HH)Australian Shepherd401672
NA TinkaGreenland Dog13187
ExM Titan (24HH)Border Collie283063
AH ToffeeBorder Collie133344
ExH TonyBorder Collie312949
JPnT LforD Touch of FaithGerman Shepherd Dog91496
ANH TRCC Cave Cove Lucky SevenShetland Sheepdog43346
MH NFl COCA TrinityBorder Collie272076
JAH RBank TrooperBorder Collie151685
NCT COCA Vicious WolfBorder Collie511990
GCH VickyBorder Collie382955
ExH WafflesShetland Sheepdog283351
ChH COCA Water FallenBorder Collie412772
MH COCA Where are You [EEEE|Lla|24HH|1.078x|G109] [RETIRED]Border Collie302357
WCFr COCA Why Would I Leave (STM)Boxer632767
JPnH AT COCA Winter SolsticeBorder Collie192245
ExH COCA WispBorder Collie392042
PnT Wonderland Christmas Wish GGEG 10HH 3hh (red merle w/blue sable)Border Collie103140
MFl COCA XXBiscuitXXBorder Collie352017
NCH COCA Yuma (24HH)Australian Cattle Dog512322
JPnH WCA COCA Zeeboo [24HH - 4xstm] 1.382Border Collie672194
ExH [4E][24HH][LL] [ChocolateWhite(Irish)]Border Collie292921
GCH [MP] GEGE, No BreedingBorder Collie392939
MH COCA [SF] RUN RUN RUDOLFRough Collie362163
GCFl COCA [STM] Jojo [22HH 2STM Lla]Australian Cattle Dog512186
APnT {14HH} Isabella/Red Pts/Mask (bb dd)(Ccch)Border Collie153164

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01:36pm on Oct 21

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