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In the past, an end-user would contact the service desk due to experiencing some kind of IT issue. The person handling the call would then place the caller on hold and then complete the required documentation in order to start the ticket. The issue will then be resolved or escalated and only after the ticket is closed does the end user receive a follow up confirmation. It could take minutes, hours or even days depending on the nature of the issue. This inefficient operational approach can cause stress and boredom among staff, which can cause productivity levels to fall. There must be a better solution to automate the service desk! Help desk software solutions offer the ability to automate help desks with a high degree of efficiency based on customizable business rules. When it comes to automation in the help desk software, ensure that you're using the following features: In case where you plan for a full report about IT Service Desk Automation, browse this site. Automatically capturing and recording all requests that are received Automatically assigning each case to a specific Help desk technician (or group of technicians) according to skill routing Notifying the technician automatically that a new job was assigned to the technician. Automated prioritization of problems according to rules (i.e. system, severity, person reporting) Automatically applying due dates and routings based on the ability to configure service level agreements (SLAs) The tools are designed to document successful fixes for issues to be used later on Automating workflows and creating workflows to handle processes like user onboarding The documentation of conversations with the user Notifying users automatically of issues resolution or escalated Automatically surveying users after their issue has been resolved to measure the level of satisfaction Reports based on issue-related and service-related metrics , and then automatically forwarding them to the stakeholders You can automate simple requests with no human involvement by including automation. Password resets The creation of folders Permissions No query on automation If you can automate, then you should automate. Initial investment for technological solutions that enable automation will quickly be returned through improved efficiency as well as a decrease in errors and productivity of the business and greater levels of satisfaction with your customers. Increase the frequency and timeliness of Status Updates The end users are often confused as to the status of their issue or the length of time it takes to fix it. With the help of certain programs, you can define the rules to send timely updates to customers regarding the status of their ticket or request. If you keep your customers informed by keeping them informed, you can reduce the amount of questions the service desk gets. If a ticket resolution is not in line with your service-level agreement, you can create automated alerts which will be escalated to the top priority status to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks. Digital AI transformation can lead to us getting so focused on our customers and their technology that we neglect to give the same technology to our employees. Automating your service desk is one incredibly easy way to give them the support they need.

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