MO V.fKo BC-F002 || 400 || Badge
Female Border Collie Owned by Shank/fern (#1605315)
level 29     agi 592     cha 103     int 743     spd 228     stm 271     str 562
Full Name:MO V.fKo BC-F002 || 400 || Badge
What's this? Breed:Border Collie (Drovers)
Retired On:April 19th, 2021
Born On:August 22nd, 2020
Days Aged:266 FP Days
Owner:Shank/fern (#1605315)
Bred By:Cosmicozmo (#1562189)
Color:Roaned Black and White (Irish) with Red Points and Mask
Eye Color:Brown
What's this? Genotype:PP kk EmE Bb DD slsl atat sisi mm Rr tt Ccw gg uu lala chastm spdint Hh HH Hh HH HH Hh HH Hh HH Hh HH Hh Hh Hh Hh HH Hh HH Hh HH Hh Hh Hh HH
Aptitude:Obedience, Show, Agility, Tracking
Times Bred:8
Boosters Used:0/5
Hips: Excellent   Elbows: Excellent   Eyes: Excellent   Ears: Excellent

Statistics and Experience

Agility 592 Major Group Stat
Charisma 103
Intelligence 743 Major Group Stat
Speed 228 Major Group Stat
Stamina 271 Major Group Stat
Strength 562
Indicates a major breed group stat.
Final Level 29
Experience Earned 3,876,136
Overall Ranking: #1,030,042   Breed Ranking: #63,433


None found.

Sports and Training

agix2 intx2 strx2
Masters Obedience
Total Competitions: 2010   
First Places76    Second Places52    Third Places42    Fourth Places55    Fifth Places60    Sixth Places83   
Winnings: $19,428    Experience: 3,876,136   
Overall Ranking: #952,904    Sport Ranking: #57,244
84% Training



CCH DK » DENNY ID#5305233

Level 51

Roaned Blue and White (Piebald) with Cream Points and Mask

NCA DK » AURéLIE // 24HH LALA ID#5233544

Level 49

Black with Cream Points

NCT DK » COOKIE ID#5569807

Level 58

Roaned Black and White (Irish) with Cream Points


AO TIGA ID#6012120

Level 17

Black and White (Irish) with Red Points and Mask


NA Ny k9 BC-M003 || 400 || Rookie (#6545668)1Roaned Chocolate and White (Irish) with Silver Points8
ExP Pinecone (#6609642)35Roaned Chocolate and White (Irish) with Red Points and Mask79
MFl BC-F004 || 400 || Nova (#6415840)26Roaned Black and White (Irish) with Cream Points and Mask234
AP BC-F009 || 400 || Scout (#6450677)18Black and White (Irish) with Red Points and Ticking219
APnT BC-F011 || 400 || Memory (#6483575)14Chocolate and White (Irish) with Silver Points and Mask206
JPnFl BC-F014 || 400 || Becca (#6517945)7Brindle Black and White (Irish) with Red Points191

Current Litters

None found.

Previous Owners

Shank/fern (#1605315)Mar 31, 2021
CajunPhoenix (#1582275)Dec 1, 2020
Cosmicozmo (#1562189)Sep 10, 2020
Forestall (#1574492)Aug 28, 2020

Game Time

08:52am on Sep 17

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