UCSc Kibas Silver Storm's Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie
Male German Shepherd Dog Owned by Kiba (#1487277)
level 95     agi 1651     cha 1612     int 4867     spd 2597     stm 3200     str 5505
Full Name:UCSc Kibas Silver Storm's Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie
What's this? Breed:German Shepherd Dog (Guardian)
Retired On:May 2nd, 2020
Born On:October 5th, 2019
Days Aged:931 FP Days
Owner:Kiba (#1487277)
Bred By:Kiba (#1487277)
Color:Fawn with Isabella Saddle and Mask
Eye Color:Amber
What's this? Genotype:PP kk EmE bb dd slsl asaasa SS mm rr tt cchcch gg uu lala intstm intint HH HH HH HH HH Hh HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH Hh HH HH HH HH HH HH HH
Aptitude:Schutzhund, Musical Freestyle, Flyball, Tracking, Pulling, Scent Hurdles
Times Bred:10
Boosters Used:0/5
Hips: Excellent   Elbows: Excellent   Eyes: Excellent   Ears: Excellent

Statistics and Experience

Agility 1651
Charisma 1612
Intelligence 4867 Major Group Stat
Speed 2597 Major Group Stat
Stamina 3200 Major Group Stat
Strength 5505 Major Group Stat
Indicates a major breed group stat.
Final Level 95
Experience Earned 117,844,533
Overall Ranking: #12,886   Breed Ranking: #1,032


None found.

Sports and Training

intx2 stmx2 strx2
Universal Champion Schutzhund
Total Competitions: 4450   
First Places474    Second Places377    Third Places302    Fourth Places290    Fifth Places291    Sixth Places232   
Winnings: $690,440    Experience: 117,844,533   
Overall Ranking: #33,402    Sport Ranking: #1,725
100% Training



UCT -I=> {C} THE MONK BOUGHT LUNCH [23] [16:3] 1.653 ID#4567244

Level 99

Black with Red Points and Mask

UCT -I=> {C} THERE WAS A PERSON THERE [22] [12:2] 1.528 ID#4465916

Level 93

Red with Blue Sable and Mask

UCT -I=> {Z} GALLOWS POLE [24 1.667] 13,2 ID#4827504

Level 97

Blue with Red Points and Mask


UCSC AVLK BENTLEY 1.572 ID#4741355

Level 85

Fawn with Chocolate Sable

UCT AVLK SARA 1.565 ID#4741358

Level 81

Fawn with Chocolate Saddle


Level 77

Fawn with Chocolate Sable


UCSc Kibas Silver Storm's 6000 Motives (#5702300)97Red with Isabella Saddle and Mask104
UCT Kibas Silver Storm's Blood Money (#5702303)92Black with Tan Points and Mask102
UCT Kibas Silver Storm's Death Camp (#5702298)94Isabella with Red Points and Mask102
UCSc Kibas Silver Storm's Inner Demons (#5705449)98Fawn with Blue Sable and Mask103
UCSc Kibas Silver Storm's The Rip-Off (#5743616)99Fawn with Chocolate Sable and Mask102
UCSc Kibas Silver Storm's Unmasked (#5705448)96Red with Chocolate Sable and Mask103
UCSc Kibas Silver Storm's A Simple Plan (#5743615)95Fawn with Chocolate Sable and Mask822
UCT Kibas Silver Storm's Breaking the Silence//1.627 (#5702297)94Fawn with Isabella Sable and Mask778
UCSc Kibas Silver Storm's Crashing the Gate (#5702299)99Red with Blue Saddle and Mask838
UCSc Kibas Silver Storm's Flight Risk (#5702302)95Black with Red Points and Mask679
UCSc Kibas Silver Storm's Friends For Life//647 (#5743618)97Fawn with Chocolate Sable and Mask805
UCSc Kibas Silver Storm's Hail of Gunfire (#5696152)95Fawn with Isabella Saddle and Mask789
UCSc Kibas Silver Storm's Kids with Guns (#5705450)98Fawn with Blue Sable821
UCT Kibas Silver Storm's Last Fare (#5702294)96Isabella with Tan Points and Mask804
ICT Kibas Silver Storm's Last Night Out//1.638 (#5702295)99Isabella with Red Points and Mask358
UCSc Kibas Silver Storm's Less Than Zero (#5743617)97Chocolate with Tan Points and Mask822
WCSc Kibas Silver Storm's Lester Street//1.627 (#5702296)92Fawn with Isabella Sable and Mask678
UCSc Kibas Silver Storm's Loved to Death (#5705447)98Red with Black Sable and Mask680
UCSc Kibas Silver Storm's Obstruction (#5702301)101Red with Chocolate Saddle838
ICT Kibas Silver Storm's Ricochet (#5696151)106Fawn with Blue Sable and Mask362

Current Litters

None found.

Previous Owners

Kiba (#1487277)Nov 14, 2019

Game Time

02:04pm on Aug 10

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