UCT -I=> {z} and sing and cry [22 1.702] 15,7
Male German Shepherd Dog Owned by larkraptor (#514999)
level 100     agi 1773     cha 1781     int 3552     spd 3610     stm 7138     str 2762
Full Name:UCT -I=> {z} and sing and cry [22 1.702] 15,7

tinsel and bone
What's this? Breed:German Shepherd Dog (Guardian)
Retired On:October 5th, 2019
Born On:February 4th, 2019
Days Aged:529 FP Days
Owner:larkraptor (#514999)
Bred By:larkraptor (#514999)
Color:Blue with Red Points and Mask
Eye Color:Amber
What's this? Genotype:PP kk EmEm Bb dd slsl ata SS mm rr tt Ccw gg uu lala stmstm intstm HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH Hh HH HH HH Hh HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH
Aptitude:Obedience, Schutzhund, Musical Freestyle, Show, Agility, Water Work, Tracking, Frisbee, Pulling, Scent Hurdles, Dock Diving
Times Bred:39
Boosters Used:5/5
Hips: Excellent   Elbows: Excellent   Eyes: Excellent   Ears: Excellent

Statistics and Experience

Agility 1773
Charisma 1781
Intelligence 3552 Major Group Stat
Speed 3610 Major Group Stat
Stamina 7138 Major Group Stat
Strength 2762 Major Group Stat
Indicates a major breed group stat.
Final Level 100
Experience Earned 135,848,665


Best of Breed - Experienced
Won $250 2x
Last Win: Aug 17, 2019

Sports and Training

intx2 spdx2 stmx2
Universal Champion Tracking
Total Competitions: 4450   
First Places546    Second Places331    Third Places292    Fourth Places279    Fifth Places214    Sixth Places191   
Winnings: $91,601    Experience: 135,845,332   
Overall Ranking: #14,808    Sport Ranking: #995
100% Training



ICT -I=> {C} H| GLAZED AND SHRUNKEN 27:0 (X1.463|27:0|NOT 4X|) ID#4168068

Level 98

Fawn with Black Saddle and Mask

UCT -I=> {C} N| THE WHITE SOFT SKIN 14:1 ID#4168079

Level 92

Silver with Black Sable

ICT -I=> {C} GENTLE STREETS WHERE PEOPLE PLAY [22] [16:2] 1.658 ID#4566604

Level 101

Silver with Black Sable and Mask


UCT -I=> {C} Z| LIONS IN THE NIGHT 15:2 1.533 ID#4144702

Level 97

Blue with Red Points and Mask

UCT -I=> {C} WAKE UP! 9:2 ID#4140714

Level 92

Black with Tan Points and Mask

UCT -I=> {C} THIS IS THE TRIP, THE BEST PART [23] [13:1] 1.653 ID#4567245

Level 100

Black with Red Points and Mask


NCT ExSc P's Far Cry {151} (#5312755)61Chocolate with Silver Points and Mask76
ICT -I=> !callin' on the gods [24 1.682x] 20.2 (#5200613)105Black with Red Points and Mask100
UCT -I=> * slow and mad [23 1.693x] 8.1 (#5200610)99Blue with Red Points and Mask103
UCT -I=> * soft-driven [23 1.667x] 7.1 (#5200615)94Silver with Blue Saddle and Mask109
UCT -I=> *callin' on the dogs [24 1.682x] 11.1 (#5200612)96Black with Red Points and Mask108
NSc 18HH lala 2xInt/Stm 93.75% (#5403765)1Black with Tan Points and Mask8
NFl 19HH lala 3xStm 94.79% (#5403766)1Black with Red Points and Mask6
CCSc ~RVN~ Amber 22/0 lala INTx3 (#5237152)50Blue62
ASc Archie (#5118604)18Black36
ASc VK9's Dynamite 24HH 1.187x lala (#5099382)21Chocolate with Silver Points and Mask33
UCT BRNBS EEEE lala 4stm 1.475 (#5158901)87Silver with Blue Saddle and Mask100
ASc VK9's Fairy 24HH 1.187x lala (#5099383)20Black29
AT NSc P's Far Too Sing {151} (#5312754)25Isabella with Silver Points and Mask30
NT R*K Gentle Songs (#5161883)1Isabella9
UCO WsbD Harish (#5256031)90Isabella with Silver Points and Mask101
UCSc WsbD Jadran lala 3stm 23HH (#5256029)96Isabella with Silver Points and Mask105
GCSc 666 - Long Island Iced Tea (#5189011)50Isabella with Red Points and Mask68
UCSc WsbD LVL 96 / 1.667x (#5256037)96Silver with Isabella Saddle and Mask101
ChSc Wywrd Princess Of The Amazons ||EEEE||21HH||Lla||x1.522 (98,110) (#5192501)35Blue with Red Points and Mask58
Puppy 4 (#5142063)1Isabella with Red Points and Mask6
NT JPnSc Tigrs Puppy 4 1.450x (#5186711)7Isabella with Red Points and Mask14
NCSc M&G Shooting Star (#5253743)54Blue with Silver Points and Mask91
JPnSc R*K Singing Skies (#5160256)5Black with Red Points and Mask14
NT R*K Songs of Winter (#5161882)1Chocolate with Red Points and Mask9
UCT -I=> * eternal reward [23 1.658x] 11.2 (#5200616)93Red with Blue Saddle and Mask286
UCT -I=> *an armor [24 ss 1.690x] 7.3 (#5205037)96Red with Black Sable and Mask236
UCT -I=> *still sea conspires [24 1.690x] 14.2 (#5205036)101Red with Blue Sable and Mask286
IPnSc Boom-Chicka vom Rio Haus 1.225x (#5114094)8Blue with Silver Points and Mask379
WCH WsbD Carola (#5256032)89Isabella with Silver Points and Mask251
UCSc WsbD Cila (#5256036)97Chocolate with Silver Points and Mask251
WCFl WsbD Cristiana (#5256033)92Red with Blue Saddle and Mask251
IPnSc Das Bhoot vom Rio Haus 1.203x (#5116666)8Black378
UCT -I=> EEEE 22HH stmx3int 1.693x (#5200611)97Red with Blue Sable and Mask275
PnSc BRNBS EEEE lala 3stm 1.475 (#5158902)11Red with Isabella Sable and Mask344
WCT ING Eros | 24HH | EEEE | lala (#5197244)75Blue465
UCSc WsbD Gillespie (#5256030)98Silver with Isabella Saddle and Mask251
WCA 666 - How Deep Is Your Love? (#5189010)70Blue239
CCT ING Indigo (#5197245)56Blue469
PnSc FDeL Puppy 8 (#5160254)9Black492
PnSc FDeL Puppy 9 (#5160255)10Silver with Black Saddle and Mask492
WCSc WsbD Shyama (#5256035)89Black with Red Points and Mask251
UCT SlvSt Silver Storm's 500 Years of Solitude (#5247149)93Chocolate with Silver Points and Mask390
UCSc SlvSt Silver Storm's ArachnoFaebia (#5312757)90Isabella with Red Points and Mask324
UCT SlvSt Silver Storm's Death's Door (#5346388)94Red with Blue Sable and Mask327
UCT SlvSt Silver Storm's I Alone (#5247150)92Chocolate with Red Points and Mask326
UCSc SlvSt Silver Storm's My Little Monkey (#5346387)93Blue308
UCSc SlvSt Silver Storm's Sin-Eater (#5312756)92Silver with Isabella Sable and Mask292
ASc SBFK Thorne (#5193780)23Black with Tan Points and Mask467
WCSc WsbD Trinity (#5256034)91Blue with Red Points and Mask251
WCH vC Witcher vom Cheyhaus (#5240613)74Fawn with Black Sable and Mask232
WCT -I=> xBig Beat [23 1.667x] 5.3 (#5200614)92Blue with Red Points and Mask282
JARO SBFK Xero (#5202127)16Red with Black Saddle and Mask447
CCSc MT ~RVN~ Yves (#5237151)60Blue445
UCT WsbD Zvezdana (#5256028)98Red with Isabella Saddle and Mask251

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larkraptor (#514999)Feb 10, 2019

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