Energy (100)
Condition (100%)
Happiness (100%)
Grooming (100%)
Comfort (100%)
WCO ~ACE~ {2} Berlioz Lla stmint/intagi 11.4 Bb Dd 4x
Male Border Collie Owned by Felix (#161060)
level 62     agi 1776     cha 821     int 4544     spd 1216     stm 1247     str 1152
Full Name:WCO ~ACE~ {2} Berlioz Lla stmint/intagi 11.4 Bb Dd 4x
What's this? Breed:Registered Border Collie (Drovers)
Born On:August 1st, 2017
Days Aged:100 FP Days
Owner:Felix (#161060)
Bred By:Felix (#161060)
Color:Black and White (Piebald) with Ticking
Eye Color:Brown
What's this? Genotype:Py Kk Ee Bb Dd slsl atasa spsw mm rr Tt Ccch gg uu Lla stmint intagi Hh hh HH Hh HH Hh hh Hh HH HH HH HH HH hh Hh HH HH HH Hh HH Hh hh Hh Hh
Aptitude:Obedience, Frisbee, Rally-O, Scent Hurdles
Times Bred:8 (Can be bred 14 times today)
Boosters Used:0/5
Hips: Good   Elbows: Good   Eyes: Good   Ears: Good

Equipped Items

Water Bowl Grey Bowl Servings Left: 3
Food Bowl Grey Bowl Full
Collar Superior Designer Collar +250 agi, +250 cha, +250 int, +250 spd, +250 stm, +250 str
Leash Superior Designer Leash +170 agi, +170 cha, +170 int, +170 spd, +170 stm, +170 str
Bed Cream Dog Bed +50 comfort
Chew Red Krong Chew +50 comfort, 1% break chance

Assigned Items

Assigned Toy Determined Personality Sturdy Tugtoy
Assigned Food Lacrima Organic Salmon+30 int, 75% chance


None found.

Statistics and Experience

Agility 1776 Major Group Stat
Charisma 821
Intelligence 4544 Major Group Stat
Speed 1216 Major Group Stat
Stamina 1247 Major Group Stat
Strength 1152
Indicates a major breed group stat.
Level 62
Multiplier: 1.015x Competition Experience
Overall Ranking: Unknown   Breed Ranking: Unknown


None found.

Sports and Training

Remaining Training Sessions: 2/2
agix2 intx2 strx2
World Champion Obedience
Total Competitions: 4450    Current Entries: 0
First Places99    Second Places169    Third Places199    Fourth Places222    Fifth Places224    Sixth Places247   
Winnings: $88,102    Experience: 34,203,328    Title In: 340 places
Overall Ranking: Unknown    Sport Ranking: Unknown
100% Training

Today's Competition Results

No results found.



WCT ~ACE~ PG AGON ID#3561406

Level 60

Black and White (Piebald)



Level 57

Black and White (Irish) with Ticking


WCA ~ACE~ {3} 3int 8.5 Py Bb Dd xExy (#3649831)64Black and White (Extreme Piebald) with Ticking97
WCH ~ACE~ {3} Andante III Lla int-/int- 10.4 Py xxEx (#3649830)64Black and White (Irish) with Ticking103
WCO ~ACE~ {3} Archetto lala 4int 6/2 ExEx (#3841975)62Roaned Black and White (Irish)92
WCHu ~ACE~ {3} Canon Lla 3int 7.3 xxEx (#3841972)62Black and White (Extreme Piebald) with Ticking87
WCA ~ACE~ {3} Coda lala intx/intx 12.5 Py Dd Rr 4x (#3649828)64Roaned Black and White (Piebald)100
MH ~ACE~ {3} Puppy 2 3int 7.4 Py xxEx (#3872519)31Black and White (Irish) with Ticking40
GCA ~ACE~ {3} Puppy 4 Lla 4int 6.4 Kk Bb Dd Exxx 1-277 (#3872520)53Roaned Black and White (Irish)71
NCA ~ACE~ {4} Puppy 3 Lla int/intint 9.4 Py Bb dd 4x (#3912644)54Blue and White (Piebald) with Ticking74
ExH ~ACE~ {4} Puppy 4 Lla 3int 10.4 Py Bb Dd 4x 1-32 (#3912645)43Black and White (Irish) with Ticking59
ChO ~ACE~ Betty BRD (#3841974)36Black and White (Piebald) with Red Points809
WCH ~ACE~ F2 Aida II Lla intstm/intint 9/3 Py Bb Dd (#3649829)64Black and White (Irish) with Ticking999
ExA ~ACE~ Vanilla Dome (#3912646)36Black and White (Irish) with Ticking352
WCH ~ACE~ {3} H lala int-/ 9.3 Bb Dd xEEx (#3841973)76Black and White (Irish) with Ticking937
WCH ~ACE~ {4} H Puppy 4 lala /-int 14.4 Bb Dd xxEx (#3912648)71Black and White (Piebald) with Ticking907
WCH ~ACE~ {4} H-Puppy 6 lala intint/- 11.4 bb Dd 4x (#3912649)70Chocolate and White (Irish) with Ticking907
WCH ~ACE~ {4} H-Violet Lla 3int 10.4 yy Bb 4x (#3912647)69Black and White (Piebald) with Ticking953

Current Litters

None found.

Previous Owners

Felix (#161060)Aug 7, 2017

Game Time

07:16am on Jan 19

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