ICW Paddee's Blue Lagoon (24HH BoB x1 BoS x1 5:6)
Male Portuguese Water Dog Owned by Paddee (#1066453)
level 86     agi 2585     cha 1272     int 1294     spd 3014     stm 2041     str 5680
Full Name:ICW Paddee's Blue Lagoon (24HH BoB x1 BoS x1 5:6)
What's this? Breed:Portuguese Water Dog (Draught)
Retired On:October 16th, 2017
Born On:April 9th, 2017
Days Aged:746 FP Days
Owner:Paddee (#1066453)
Bred By:Paddee (#1066453)
Color:Black and White (Extreme Piebald)
Eye Color:Brown
What's this? Genotype:PP KK EE Bb DD slsl atat swsw mm rr tt CC gg uu lala strstr strstr HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH
Aptitude:Agility, Flyball, Water Work, Tracking, Frisbee, Pulling, Rally-O
Times Bred:21
Boosters Used:0/5
Hips: Excellent   Elbows: Excellent   Eyes: Excellent   Ears: Excellent

Statistics and Experience

Agility 2585 Major Group Stat
Charisma 1272
Intelligence 1294
Speed 3014 Major Group Stat
Stamina 2041 Major Group Stat
Strength 5680 Major Group Stat
Indicates a major breed group stat.
Final Level 86
Experience Earned 87,356,428
Overall Ranking: #39,375   Breed Ranking: #222


Best of Breed - Experienced
Won $250 1x
Last Win: Jul 31, 2017
Best of Sport - Accomplished
Won $1,000 1x
Last Win: Jul 24, 2017

Sports and Training

agix2 spdx2 strx2
Interstellar Champion Water Work
Total Competitions: 4450   
First Places754    Second Places614    Third Places432    Fourth Places295    Fifth Places275    Sixth Places232   
Winnings: $571,080    Experience: 87,356,428   
Overall Ranking: #2,318    Sport Ranking: #188
100% Training



UCW GOUBA MORTON 24.533 ID#2507702

Level 88

Steel Blue and White (Extreme Piebald)

UCW GOUBA BONNY 22.580 ID#2665133

Level 87

Steel Blue and White (Extreme Piebald)

UCW GOUBA SNORRE 24.600 ID#3061547

Level 87

Steel Blue and White (Extreme Piebald)



Level 86

Faded Brown and White (Extreme Piebald)


Level 84

Steel Blue and White (Irish)

UCW GOUBA DEEP UNDER THE SEA (23HH 1.533X) 5.4 ID#2507701

Level 72

Steel Blue and White (Irish)


WCW GEROs Aqua 2 [lala 2str 13/0] 27 // 1.460x (#3838452)55Roaned Black and White (Piebald)64
WCW GEROs Aquason [lala 2str 13/0] 27 // 1.460x (#3838451)51Roaned Black and White (Piebald)64
NCW Arlette 1.463x (#3620405)39Faded Brown and White (Irish)106
UCP ~Zip~ Black Ticker [22 lala] 1.580 ~BOB X 3~ ++++++ (#3785162)86Black and White (Irish) with Ticking96
JAW ~Zip~ Blue Water [24 lala] 1.598 (#3785161)11Roaned Steel Blue and White (Irish)17
AW TXBK Into the Tundra 13/0 Lla (#3763730)17Chocolate and White (Irish)30
ExW Isidora Rosália 1.475x (#3658144)34Chocolate and White (Irish) with Ticking93
MW TXBK Lion Bug 14/0 Lla (#3763732)17Chocolate and White (Piebald)30
JARO Magwina Nox (#3799354)18Roaned Black and White (Piebald)45
ARO TXBK Midnight Lagoon 13/0 lala (#3763729)16Black and White (Irish)30
WCP ~Zip~ News Break 24HH EEEE lala strx4 1.598 (#3785160)67Roaned Faded Brown and White (Irish)103
UCP ~Zip~ News Maker [23 lala] 1.580 ~BOB X 12~ (#3785159)93Black and White (Extreme Piebald) with Ticking101
ICW Paddee's Dançando Pelo Mar (23HH 13:2) (#3676492)90Roaned Faded Brown and White (Irish)106
ICW PADS Paddee's Lírio de Água (21HH 10:5) (#3619933)81Black and White (Extreme Piebald) with Ticking100
ICW Paddee's Offshore (24HH BoB x11 BoS x1 8:1) (#3609046)93Black and White (Extreme Piebald)104
UCW PADS Paddee's Vamos Dançar (23HH BoB x3 6:6) (#3672279)83Roaned Steel Blue and White (Irish)101
JPnD DUDK Piper (#3574417)6Faded Brown and White (Extreme Piebald)51
Puppy 2 (20HH) (#3530649)1Steel Blue and White (Extreme Piebald) with Ticking11
PnP Puppy 6 Lla EEEE +15 (#3568689)12Black19
WCP KWCh Snap Your Fingers - EEEE 23HH (#3719100)86Chocolate and White (Irish)102
ChP Spanish Moss' Brisinger 24 (#3611730)46Faded Brown and White (Extreme Piebald)62
ICW KWCh The Lion Sleeps Tonight - EEEE 22HH (#3719101)83Black and White (Irish)101
AP TXBK Water Bug 16/0 Lla (#3763731)17Chocolate30
WCP ~Zip~ Aces N Eights lala EEEE 24HH (#3785163)67Black and White (Irish) with Ticking373
UCW SECK Burt Wilson (#3530650)66Roaned Steel Blue and White (Extreme Piebald)711
GCRO Constância (#3591175)48Roaned Black and White (Piebald)709
WCP SJK Daughter of the Snows - EEEE 23HH (#3495792)75Faded Brown and White (Irish)706
ICW HrtBr Elise Lla EEEE +17 (#3568688)77Chocolate and White (Extreme Piebald)571
CCW Iolanda (#3620404)45Roaned Black and White (Piebald)689
UCP ~Zip~ News Update [21 lala] 1.580 ~BOB X 4~ (#3785158)91Chocolate and White (Extreme Piebald) with Ticking323
ICW Ocean Breeze (#3495793)83Roaned Steel Blue and White (Irish)715
ICW Paddee's Dança Da Água (22HH 8:1) (#3676493)89Roaned Black and White (Irish)513
ICW Paddee's Dançarino No Escuro (22HH 5:0) (#3672278)87Roaned Black and White (Irish)513
UCW Paddee's Jacinto de Água (20HH 16:6) (#3619932)80Black and White (Extreme Piebald) with Ticking540
ICW Paddee's Nearshore (24HH BoB x3 11:4) (#3609045)92Black and White (Extreme Piebald)505
UCW WwESK Paraphaeobacter (#3574418)66Steel Blue and White (Irish)194
JPnP ICW Pouf^^ (#3611731)85Steel Blue and White (Extreme Piebald)644

Current Litters

None found.

Previous Owners

Paddee (#1066453)Apr 15, 2017

Game Time

12:52pm on Jul 16

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