UCT ~*S*~ Rouji's Backfire 24HH
Male Border Collie Owned by Scotty- Rare Border Collies (#86025)
level 48     agi 532     cha 240     int 1844     spd 1808     stm 1519     str 240
Full Name:UCT ~*S*~ Rouji's Backfire 24HH
What's this? Breed:Border Collie (Drovers)
Retired On:November 26th, 2012
Born On:August 6th, 2012
Days Aged:2743 FP Days
Owner:Scotty- Rare Border Collies (#86025)
Bred By:Unknown
Color:Black with Red Points
Eye Color:Brown
What's this? Genotype:PP kk EE BB DD slsl atat Ssi mm rr tt Cce gg uu Lla agistm agistm HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH
Times Bred:45
Boosters Used:0/5
Hips: Excellent   Elbows: Excellent   Eyes: Excellent   Ears: Excellent

Statistics and Experience

Agility 532 Major Group Stat
Charisma 240
Intelligence 1844 Major Group Stat
Speed 1808 Major Group Stat
Stamina 1519 Major Group Stat
Strength 240
Indicates a major breed group stat.
Final Level 48
Experience Earned 18,709,827
Overall Ranking: #433,378   Breed Ranking: #21,720


None found.

Sports and Training

intx2 spdx2 stmx2
Universal Champion Tracking
Total Competitions: 4200   
First Places373    Second Places353    Third Places309    Fourth Places304    Fifth Places299    Sixth Places258   
Winnings: $223,650    Experience: 18,709,827   
Overall Ranking: #55,229    Sport Ranking: #4,176
100% Training


Furry Paws BETA Dog
Furry Paws BETA Dog
Furry Paws BETA Dog
Furry Paws BETA Dog
Furry Paws BETA Dog
Furry Paws BETA Dog


AH ~*S*~ "Fell In Love at the Seaside" at Everfall (Black with Cream Points) (#193699)18Black with Cream Points37
MFl lutol *01/01* 24HH 0hh kk Ee Bb Ssi Cce Lla Gift of Flame (#116643)20Black with Red Points35
MH ~*S*~ 23HH EEEE--Black (#239347)30Black68
MFl lutol 24HH 0hh Kk Ee Bb Ssi Cce Lla Lost in the Dark (#116644)26Black42
ChA ~*S*~ A Midsummer Dream (#272441)42Black96
AH JAA ~*S*~ Alistair (#218463)20Black with Cream Points56
ExFl MRK's Backfire in the Desert (#111848)41Black and White (Irish) with Red Points86
ChFl N°5 Bigger Than Six 849014 (#154656)38Red and White (Irish) with Black Sable91
AH ~*S*~ black w/ cream points 13HH EEEE} (#218462)15Black with Cream Points40
AFl .cs. Blk 14HH Ll spdstm(cha)stm (#244553)13Black28
AFl .cs. Blk Pt 14 HH lla spdstmstmstm (#244552)13Black with Red Points and Mask28
ExH *PRP* Dark Knight 24HH (kk atat Ssw Cce LL) Stm (#146595)28Black with Red Points48
MT Deputy 849014 (#80333)33Black and White (Irish)97
ExH *PRP* Eleganza 24HH (kk atat Ssw CC Lla) Stm (#146594)28Black with Red Points48
JAH FHBCO Flicker (#177166)12Black and White (Irish)22
AH ~*S*~ Gizmo Midnight Star (#193698)19Brindle Black with Cream Points42
GCT OcBo Harmony (#251984)39Black with Cream Points74
AFl WCAR Hello, Brooklyn (#134431)20Black with Red Points and Mask44
ANT MH ~*S*~ Ignatius of Antioch (#109160)23Blue Merle and White (Irish) with Ticking58
APnA VSFD Joumierr (#193474)10Black25
ExH N°5 LA Noir Lla 849014 (#124774)39Black100
MT JPnA ~*S*~ Midnight Fire (#132348)23Black with Red Points43
MH ~*S*~ Nightfire 24HH (kk Ee Rr cchce lala) Int (#158682)24Roaned Black and White (Irish) with Tan Points42
IPnH Puppy 1 (#193697)8Black and White (Irish)17
AFl WCAR Reckless And The Brave (#134432)20Black44
APnT ~*S*~ Ridge (Carries Isabella) -EEEE- (#490474)9Black with Red Points34
CCH ~*S*~ Rouji's Vortex {black w. red point+mask Tt Cce} (#218460)44Black with Red Points and Mask100
JAH FHBCO Smolder (#177165)12Black22
ChA ~*S*~ Tiramisu * (#223932)45Black with Cream Points97
AFl WCAR To Live and Let Go (#136806)19Blue Merle with Red Points and Mask43
AH ~*S*~ Vortex Of Fire{red sable 11HH EEEE} (#218461)22Red with Black Sable56
WCA ~*S*~ 0 Circle Fire 0 (#132349)50Blue Merle with Red Points2715
GCFl ~*S*~ 13HH Dirty Dancer (#160789)42Roaned Brindle Black and White (Irish) with Red Points and Mask2275
APnH ~*S*~ 15HH Lla - Black with Cream Points (BB DD Ssi cece) (#223931)8Black with Cream Points2645
AA 20HH, Lla (kk Ee Ssi Cce) (#122688)18Black with Red Points2681
NCFl ~*S*~ :"Deep Depression" 24-0 (#239348)42Black 2605
JAFl ~*S*~ After Midnight (EEEE) 16HH Kk EE Bb DD slsl atat SS mm rr tt CC gg uu Lla spdstm intstm (#141755)11Black 2695
PnA ~*S*~ Ash (#318917)9Black and White (Irish) with Red Points2045
WCFl WCH Beautiful Lofty Things [agi stm] (#193473)52Black with Red Points2399
WCFl ~*S*~ Beauty School Dropout (#160790)49Brindle Black and White (Irish) with Red Points and Mask2704
IPnH Big Black & Wild 24HH (#122690)9Black with Red Points2719
IPnFr OcBo BLACK 24HH (#264604)6Black 2288
CCH ~*S*~ Carnation (#318914)42Red with Black Sable2499
AFl Catania (#87903)26Black with Red Points375
UCFl ~*S*~ Code Red {15} (#141756)52Black 2633
APnFr Dingo (#130300)8Black 2690
WCH ~*S*~ Ducati (#158683)52Roaned Black and White (Irish) 2676
MT ~*S*~ Dust In The Fire (#114424)24Brindle Black with Red Points2723
AA Wm™ EEEE (#210500)17Black and White (Irish)1356
NCA ~*S*~ Emerald's Shadow Star (#109159)50Black1957
UCT ~*S*~ Fire Dust (#114425)51Brindle Black with Red Points2656
WCFl JPnH High Voltage (#225912)54Roaned Black and White (Irish) with Red Points and Mask2655
NCFl OcBo Highway (#264603)50Black2220
NCA W^d*K Jordan [14HH lla 2stm/chaagi 1.122x] (#99119)52Black with Red Points518
MFl kk Ee BB DD slsl atat sisi mm rr tt cece gg uu || 21HH, Lla || EEEE (#122689)23Black and White (Irish) with Cream Points2307
JPnH WCA Low Voltage (#225913)53Black with Red Points2655
MH .gb. Marlo 12HH Lla (#122687)29Black and White (Irish) with Red Points, Mask, and Ticking2560
ExH EM Mars (#182710)32Black with Red Points1188
ChH ~*S*~ Martin (#380859)34Black and White (Irish) 2560
WCA JPnH Miko (#136805)46Black and White (Irish) 2689
MFl ~*S*~ Minor Backfire (#109158)22Black 2724
NH Puppy 1 (#111847)1Black with Red Points2724
AH JPnA Puppy 2 (#209016)14Black with Red Points and Mask2679
AH JPnFl Puppy 6 (#209017)14Black with Red Points2679
WCH ~*S*~ Rouji's Flawless Flames{24} (#272440)53Black with Red Points and Mask2421
UCH ~*S*~ Rouji's Split Side (#80334)51Black 2709
ExH ~*S*~ Santa Maria (#318916)32Black and White (Irish) with Red Points and Mask2441
WCFl OcBo Silence! I Keel You (#251983)54Black with Cream Points2291
MH .gb. Story about Raven (#122686)26Black and White (Irish) with Red Points2048
ExRO ~HoT~ Symphony (#197809)36Black1101
JAH SVS Tea Valerian Lime Backfire LXXII (#118724)12Black and White (Irish)1296
ExA ~*S*~ Violenne (#318915)29Black with Red Points and Mask2618
ChH ~*S*~ You Just Got Jinxed (#380860)36Black and White (Irish)2159
WCT ~*S*~ [13/0][88,54][1,077] (#109161)50Blue Merle and White (Irish) 2690

Current Litters

None found.

Previous Owners

Scotty- Rare Border Collies (#86025)Aug 12, 2012

Game Time

10:27am on Feb 22

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