MFl Fletcher
Male Border Collie Owned by wendie (#1072620)
level 27     agi 771     cha 86     int 193     spd 544     stm 556     str 89
Full Name:MFl Fletcher
What's this? Breed:Border Collie (Drovers)
Retired On:January 5th, 2013
Born On:September 1st, 2012
Days Aged:3281 FP Days
Owner:wendie (#1072620)
Bred By:Mara Jade (#730434)
Color:Cream and White (Irish) with Ticking
Eye Color:Brown
What's this? Genotype:PP KK ee Bb Dd slsl ata sisw mm rr Tt cecw gg uu ll spdstm spdstm HH HH Hh HH HH Hh HH HH HH HH Hh Hh HH Hh HH HH HH Hh Hh Hh Hh Hh HH Hh
Times Bred:32
Boosters Used:0/5
Hips: Excellent   Elbows: Excellent   Eyes: Excellent   Ears: Excellent

Statistics and Experience

Agility 771 Major Group Stat
Charisma 86
Intelligence 193 Major Group Stat
Speed 544 Major Group Stat
Stamina 556 Major Group Stat
Strength 89
Indicates a major breed group stat.
Final Level 27
Experience Earned 3,111,347
Overall Ranking: #1,075,919   Breed Ranking: #67,979


None found.

Sports and Training

agix2 spdx2 stmx2
Masters Flyball
Total Competitions: 1960   
First Places51    Second Places63    Third Places65    Fourth Places62    Fifth Places76    Sixth Places62   
Winnings: $25,034    Experience: 3,111,347   
Overall Ranking: #1,165,027    Sport Ranking: #87,384
100% Training




Level 48

Red and White (Extreme Piebald)



Level 18

Cream and White (Irish) with Ticking


NT ¤REVI !!Marry You (#286940)1Black and White (Irish) with Ticking9
NFl !Just A Dream (#286948)1Chocolate and White (Irish) with Ticking9
APnFl ¤REVI (94) R/W (19HH KK ee Bb Dd aa sisw Cce Ll) (#286963)11Red and White (Irish) with Ticking22
AM ¤REVI - Ann (#257466)16Black and White (Irish)38
JAO ¤REVI - Blitz (#285150)11Black and White (Irish) with Ticking25
JAFr ¤REVI - Duke (#285151)11Black and White (Irish)25
IPnT ¤REVI - Ivan (#284972)8Black and White (Irish)20
JAFl ¤REVI 12HH/2hh (#204700)13Chocolate Merle and White (Irish) with Ticking45
JPnH ¤REVI 14 EEGG Kk Ccw Black and White (Irish) with Ticking (#257425)5Black and White (Irish) with Ticking14
AM ¤REVI Akina (#257487)19Black and White (Irish)45
IPnRO ¤REVI Autumn Leaves (#204681)7Chocolate Merle and White (Irish) with Ticking25
JPnFr ¤REVI Conflicting Testimony (#204680)7Chocolate Merle and White (Irish)25
ExT ¤REVI Darwin (#284814)33Blue Merle and White (Irish) with Ticking77
AFl ¤REVI Dione (#204744)14Black and White (Irish)50
AFl ¤REVI Dusty (#286939)16Black and White (Irish) with Ticking36
MFr ¤REVI EEEG Black and White (Irish) (KKbr Bb Ayat Ccw) (#257420)28Black and White (Irish)70
JPnFl ¤REVI EEEG Cream and White (Irish) with Ticking (Bb cecw) (#244508)8Cream and White (Irish) with Ticking52
AO ¤REVI EEGE Blue and White (Irish) with Ticking (#204803)14Blue and White (Irish) with Ticking46
AFr ¤REVI EGEE Blue and White (Irish) with Ticking (#204816)15Blue and White (Irish) with Ticking46
AFl ¤REVI Faith (#204837)22Chocolate and White (Irish)82
AFl ¤REVI GEEG Chocolate and White (Irish) with Ticking (#204740)15Chocolate and White (Irish) with Ticking46
AH ¤REVI Iron Dog (#244507)18Silver and White (Irish)61
NH ¤REVI Kite (#257465)1Red and White (Piebald)9
MFl ¤REVI Lasie Corry Nicko (#204689)27Chocolate and White (Extreme Piebald) with Ticking79
MSh ¤REVI Show Dog 06 (#204817)27Black and White (Irish)85
NO (86) R/W (KKbr Cce) (#257431)1Red and White (Piebald) with Ticking3226
AO (90) B/W (Dd asaa cwcw) (#204802)20Black and White (Piebald) 3213
PnFr 11HH/2hh (#204743)8Black and White (Irish) 2988
JPnFl 11HH/2hh (#204813)7Chocolate and White (Irish) 2934
NA ¤REVI 13HH EEEE Cream and White (Irish) with Ticking (#284841)1Cream and White (Irish) with Ticking2598
NO 13HH EEGG Chocolate and White (Piebald) (#286947)1Chocolate and White (Piebald) 3164
ChH 14HH (#284851)38Blue Merle and White (Irish) with Ticking3155
NA ¤REVI 16HH EEEG Cream and White (Irish) (#284842)1Cream and White (Irish)2598
AFr Alika (#285083)20Black and White (Irish) 3164
CCFr ¤REVI B&W(I) w/T EEEE Bb Dd Ayat sisw Cce Ll Great (88.54%) (#257426)49Black and White (Irish) with Ticking2856
APnFr Charme (#257488)12Black and White (Irish) 3226
GCFr Chocobear [15HH, solid chocolate] (#257433)40Chocolate 3196
AFr Chocolate and White (Irish) with Ticking 2 days (#204838)19Chocolate and White (Irish) with Ticking3174
AT ¤REVI Cream (#285025)24Cream and White (Irish) with Ticking2836
WCA Cream (#286962)40Cream and White (Irish) 3201
MFl EEGE Chocolate and White (Irish) with Ticking (#204814)26Chocolate and White (Irish) with Ticking3237
GCSh ¤REVI Elagent Star Gazer-14HH(EGEG) (#284973)48Black and White (Irish) with Ticking2657
NT Faith (#324449)4Black and White (Irish) with Ticking3191
ExFl Hollywood † (#204798)30Black and White (Irish) 2969
NCO NCA ¤REVI Into the Twilight [agi int] (#257428)49Red and White (Irish) with Ticking2777
PnO Kate 13l0 RW(I) w Ti (#257429)10Red and White (Irish) with Ticking3191
NRO ¤REVI Kk ee Bb DD slsl atat spsw mm rr TT Cce gg uu || 10HH. lla || EEEE (#257430)2Red and White (Piebald) with Ticking2357
ChFr ManaFest As Days Go By (#204739)33Chocolate and White (Extreme Piebald) with Ticking3252
GCFl ManaFest Over My Head (#257427)39Black and White (Irish) with Ticking2965
MSh Ocean Breathes Salty (#204688)28Blue Merle and White (Extreme Piebald) with Ticking2902
MA Prince Rainier (#285082)24Black and White (Irish) with Ticking3209
ExO ¤REVI Red Hot (#257432)31Red2626
AA ¤REVI Sandstorm (#284903)20Fawn and White (Irish)2360
AM ¤REVI Step into the Night (#204799)22Black and White (Extreme Piebald)2853
ExFl Talli/3 (#204649)33Chocolate and White (Irish) with Ticking2991
ExA Vanilla N' Spice (#285024)34Cream and White (Irish) with Ticking2896
AFr ¤REVI [0hg] KKbr/bb DD/Ccw/Ll (#204701)17Chocolate and White (Irish)2649
IPnFl [0hg] KKbr/bb Dd/cecw/ll (#284852)8Chocolate and White (Extreme Piebald) 3214
JPnA ¤REVI [0x] KKbr/BB Dd/cecw/Ll (#284815)7Blue Merle and White (Irish) with Ticking2608
MRO [C] Pictures Of You (#257419)24Red and White (Irish) 2913
AO ¤REVI Ä1 - Border Collie (#204650)21Black and White (Irish)2168

Current Litters

None found.

Previous Owners

wendie (#1072620)Nov 29, 2012
Revlis (#1060168)Oct 18, 2012
Mara Jade (#730434)Sep 7, 2012

Game Time

07:52am on Sep 22

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